Dragons of Genovia

Bad Decisions?

Chamelleon Castle

Well, let’s start with the theme of last night’s DnD session:
Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Karma Who?
Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon…..
but…the DM and chameleon both agree that we need to focus more on the game :P

Any who, where were we, oh yes:

Dazen, Eiros, and Groot: are at the mice’s fortress and go off to find the nutrients needed to make cheese, they learn how with the help of the mice.

Ami, Nerevar, and Saelbella: Nerevar is given a map from the head mouseman showing where the chamelleon’s castle is located (little back story: the mice defended the group from being attacked by the chamelleons and in return, Ami, Nerevar, and Saelbella are preparing to defeat the chameleons at Chamelleon’s Castle). The three take off without telling Dazen, Eiros, and Groot, but the head mouseman knows where they are headed. The three travel for a while on horseback before it becomes to swampy and dark (they have night vision though) and they disembark their horses and tie them up for the night. They continue to walk until the swamp becomes thick and there are 2 mysterious creatures lingering in the distance. Nerevar and Ami think it is the safest if they stay together and ignore the creatures, but Saelbella thinks the mysterious creatures might lead them to the castle in a quicker and safer way. Both Nerevar and Saelbella do not believe and are skeptical of the mice, and think that the mice be setting them up for a trap, Saelbella is more skeptical than Nerevar. Because of this skepticism, Saelbella (the rogue she is) decides that going one way (following the creatures) is better than going the other way. Despite desperate pleas from the group, Saelbella decides to run off by herself until she comes upon a hill, right next to the creatures where she tries to over hear what they are talking about. Nerevar and Ami are still in the distance because it is their job to protect Saelbella, they whisper/scream loud enough for Saelbella to hear to come back, but the creatures realize there is someone on the hill and Saelbella gets “frozen with fear” (can’t look them in the eye). Ami and Nerevar give up and decide that they don’t want to get killed either so they head in the opposite direction, still following the map. The rock monsters (the mysterious creatures) don’t spot Saelbella directly, so they look away from the hill. Saelbella realizes she has no choice but to confront the monsters to see if they know where Chameleon’s castle is. Saelbella stands strong and in a commanding voice relays the information that she is princess of genovia and that she demands to be taken to the Chameleon’s Castle in order for a peace meeting with the King Chameleon on Behalf of Genovia. She thinks that this charms them, because they decide to lead her to the castle, but when they get there, it seems as if the rock monsters have trapped her because they wail for the chameleons to come capture her. She runs and hides and decides (again, poor decision) that hiding in the castle is better than hiding in the wide open. Using her athletic abilities, she climbs up the castle wall past 2 guards after using the sleep charm. Meanwhile, Ami and Nerevar are hiding in the swampy woods watching all this happen.

Dazen, Eiros, and Groot: Finish making the cheese and decide to find the other three (they ask King Mice where they went) and they journey out into the swampy woods. Not even part way through, they meet up with the rock monsters and fight them until they are deteriorated.


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