Dragons of Genovia

The Burnt Town

Shadow Magics...

An Eerie Town of Shadows…

Ami, Devos, Dazen left to go to the burnt down town. After traveling for about an hour, the three crest over a hill and see a whole charred city in the valley below. Realizing this is the rumored place they were searching for, the three proceed to enter the town. Upon entering, the sky turned a deep purple and the sun a soft dark white (almost like the moon) when they walked in. Certainly deeply disturbed, but nonetheless motivated, the three continue forward. After another 10 minutes of travel into the town, a cold wind suddenly saps Devos’ strength. The group realizes they are being attacked by a band of shadowy figures. Ami disintegrates 3 shadows with bow, calling upon angels to power her arrows and Dazen kills the other one.

Realizing this town is quite eerie, the group takes a short break in one of the abandoned houses. Ami realizes the outside image of the charred town was an illusion, and that some power here must be causing that illusion. The three keep moving towards the central point of the town – a tower that is wide at the base, then gently slopes upwards towards a small point at the top. When they get closer to the tower, they realize that guards are standing in front of the entrance. Dazen slowly approached the guard and tries to negotiate passage in, but he fails and after a brief fight, 4 guards and 2 mages are dead. Ami hears Saelbella cry out and rushes up to the top of the tower to save her, shooting a couple mages through the head with her arrows on the way up. Ami finds Saelbella and they talk a little before heading down the stairs

Meanwhile, Dazen travels around the base of the tower and finds a mysterious central room with a large red ruby which is emitting the strange red light that seems to encircle the town in a dome. He kills a mage that is attempting to sacrifice a girl to the ruby, and upon questioning her and some other villagers in the room, he realizes these people are being sacrificed to power this crystal. Dazen talks to the girl he found and he finds out that the “people” that took over the town have been sacrificing the townspeople and locking them up in basements. When the others meet up with him, Ami realizes this place is a gate between the Shadowfell and the natural/material world, and these mages are trying to get something through.

Saving a Village

The group realizes they need to get the villagers out of the town before things get worse. Devos and Saelbella proceed to enter one of the houses with some villagers and defeat some shadows which were guarding the people. Dazen leaps through a second story window and realizes he must confront a Mage Master who is trying to bring two children into his cult. Dazen is almost defeated by the mage, but with Saelbella and Ami’s assistance, he knocks the cultist out. Saelbella calms the two kids down and learns that their names are Ivor and Dorn. Things seem to become a little less eerie and more calm after the mage master is defeated. Saebella plays with the villagers and helps them stay calm while Devos and Ami check out the crystal some more.

After a short time, Dazen sees two horsemen approaching and realize that it is Eiros and Nerevar. Quickly, Eiros informs them of what happened to him.

A Little Late

Nerevar really wanted to get his hands on some skulka root while in Farnbia (the Northern Farbo Fort), so he found a quartermaster in the town who had some, tried haggling for a price. The QM tells him he needs a favor done, which is to entertain his younger sister with the stories of an elf. After about a half hour of storytime, Eiros bursts in and the following conversation ensues:
Eiros: “Sir, I will pay for whatever. If what I think is happening is happening, our friends are in grave danger… my actions were due to an ancient magic I have not encountered in a long long time… “ as they rush out the door “So somehow I was enchanted, it must have been through the alcohol, or I was put in a weakened state, but that is why I was unable to warn you earlier, but this magic is clearly what stole Saelbella. The only reason I recover was because I guess milk reversed the magic in me” “This might sound weird, but if I am correct, they may not be on our plane anymore”
Nerevar: “What do you mean?”
Eiros: “So basically there is the material world we live in, a FeyWild which is basically the parallel plane which provides all of our life energies, and a shadow fell with balances with nonlife energies. Normally, only specific points of inter planar lines should allow for travel between the two, but clearly something is happening which it shouldn’t”
Nerevar: ""Fine I’ll go. But what’s this about?"
Eiros: “Come on, I’ll explain more on the way…”

Closing a Door and Opening Another

Upon their arrival in the town, Eiros and Nerevar immediately ask to head to the source of the red magical power, escorted by Devos, Dazen, and Ami. Upon arrival to the chamber, Eiros realizes that much more than shadows can travel through this place, and that something really big must be attempting to pass through. Nerevar realizes that it is a blood magical portal, similar to the ones used in the Underdark, and that with his knowledge and that of which they found on the dead mages, they can attempt to divert or close the passage. Dazen runs off to grab the Mage Master which he just knocked unconscious to use for the ritual. Once Dazen re-enters the courtyard of the tower with the body, a large black thunderbolt strikes right in front of the tower and a shadowy knight appears. Dazen realiezes he wears none other than the helmet of Sir Johnny.

A fight ensues, and Eiros, hearing the commotion, runs out to the entrance and warns everyone there that this is not Sir Johnny as we know him, but the Lord of Baldoc using him in order to gain passage to the Material Plane. Dazen valiantly maneuvers past the evil figure, tossing the body of the mage into the tower further, allowing Devos to carry it the rest of the way, and fights with the dark swordsman, preventing him from entering the tower, but almost succumbs to his power. Meanwhile, Nerevar is using his life force from preventing the portal from stabilizing completely, so him and Eiros can complete the ritual. When Devos arrives with the body, the two begin the ritual. Meanwhile, the Lord Bal-Johhny ascends in his magic and attempts to kill Dazen with his shadow magic, when Amie writes the holy symbol of Bahamut on the tower wall above Dazen, and the dragonborn cries out to above. By invoking the platinum whilst fighting the greatest enemy of all metallic dragons, Bahamut realizes he must use his divinity and channel himself through Dazen to defeat the newly transformed Red Dragoness Bal-Johnny. Coincidentally, when Nerevar bring his sword down into the heart of the mage master to complete the closing ritual, Dazenamut throws RDB-Johnny to the ground, and the combined powers of the two create a giant arcanic explosion that rocks the earth and every player is knocked out by the mightiness of the explosion… ascending into darkness…


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