Dragons of Genovia

Don't go Chasing Butterflies

The group decides to sleep for the night, taking turns on watch. Nerevar, in the morning, explains that there are giant caterpillars that make very grand and expensive silk. The group decides to go look for the silk (and maybe Saelbella and Groot will sell it in their store). So the group sees the silk cocoon and starts to cut it down. Everyone thinks it’s a terrible idea once they see that it’s the caterpillar’s hub…but Groot and Saelbella (YOLO) and cut down the silk anyways while the other two argue. Dazen keeps watch and Nerevar grabs some silk and runs off, afraid of what’s to come.

As Nerevar leaves, 4 huge multicolored butterflies come and surround the cocoon where Saelbella and Groot are collecting the silk. After a tough battle, where the Rock was cast to deliver darkness around the fight, Ami decides to interfere (because it doesn’t look good for her team) and use her animals to talk to the butterflies to restore peace. The butterflies accept the apology and give the team 15 sq yards of silk each. They end with peaceful goodbyes.

The group returns back to the campsite. They decide to keep going towards the south, and they run into a river / harbor and are deciding what to do now. While Saebella argues that they use their raft, a merchant ship comes up to them and explains about how ships go into the ocean and then after a long talk they ask if the group wants to buy anything. They say no and continue down stream until they come across a village. They notice that the village is taking up their path and they won’t be able to go around the village because it will take up too much time. The Blades Of Neddas decide to ask if they can walk through, they were denied, and then finally they let the Blades Of Neddas in after they found out this is the same group that destroyed a dragon. This is good news to the wood elves,, because they are followers of the Red Queen who is trying to destroy Bahamat. The wood elves even invite the group to dinner, and without any other choice they decide to go. Nerevar decides to question about how to become a follower of a Red Queen (only in order to stall time and find out about the Red Queen and her powers etc). The wood elves are a cult of the Red Queen, so as the sun comes down, the wood elves transform into Red Queen followers (skeletons etc). Nerevar continues to pressure them into talking about the Red Queen and the cult says that they will help him convert if Nerevar surrenders the Princess and the Paladin. Devos sneaks around and kills some skeletons, but ultimately ends up having a group of skeletons chase after him into the woods. The session ends with Eiros and Nervar learning the spell to Shadow Cross and doing so.


Eiros_T Eiros_T

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