Dragons of Genovia

Double Trouble

Nerevar talked with Gigi in hopes of getting into the library section of the dark arts. Despite his clever charming self, Gigi doesn’t fall for his acts and makes him fill out piles of paperwork in order to get into the closed off section. Meanwhile, Saelbella is occupied with talking to Tomas about the hiatus. After she finds out the details she needs to know, she hears an uprising in the secretary office….guess who…Nerevar. Nerevar came down to Tomas’ office to not only turn in the paperwork, but to argue WHY there is paperwork in a magical time. After a dispute, Nerevar and Saelbella team up and ask to fight one of the Living Spell Books (LSB) in order to get into the dark arts area. Tomas agrees that if they can fight off an LSB, then they will be allowed into the Dark Arts Section of the Library.
The fight takes place in a dimly lit arena (that’s right, it’s LIT!!!) one book (with a mage hand) versus Saelbella and Nerevar. Nerevar gets almost fatally hit, but Saelbella comes in and saves the day – killing the LSB.

Now onto Devos and Dazen.
Dazen has noticed the chameleons are still locked up in the room, so he instructs the guards to release them, but if they turn around, to kill them all. After this, Dazen goes to Eiros, who has enchantifying powers and his armour got enchanted.
Groot gives a book that he can’t read to Eiros in hopes that he can interpret it for him.
(Side note, Dazen is the temple master)
The group all meets up for dinner and stories are told and then the Bards into Karma Chameleon.

Nerevar tells a story about the midnight dancer:
Saelbella and Dazen and Ami (also Ami is absolutely tiered off Nerevar’s shenanigans) are absolutely scared to death and walk out.

Dazen tells a story about Nerevar’s initiation ritual – dark magic.
We all go to bed.

Nerevar and Devos go out into the forest to do midnight dancer challenge.
~Erik will write what happens~

They come inside, nervous look in eye, tired looking with sap on their clothing.

Saelbella, Eiros, Dazen, and Ami go to the Meese Village at 7am.
The farther away from the temple, the less swampy it becomes. They go to the Meese Village to convert people to Bahamat.
We get to the village, after escorting 67 Meese back to the Village, and they are so thankful.
Saelbella and Dazen get a year’s supply of cheese and continue to persuade the Meese to worship Bahamat. They decide to worship Bahamat, and they build a temple of worship, with help of Dazen and friends.
Ami learns about the culture of the Meese.
Eiros tells the Meese to establish routes in order to get food, stay overnight at the temple, etc as long as they supply food for themselves.

They leave and head back to the temple, where the group decides it is time to move on, and head southward to convert the Southern Dragon Temple back into the fold of Bahamaut. The group says their farewells and heads out.

After a couple hours of travel, the group encounters a swarm of anthropomorphic bees, led by an evil bee spirit named ‘Frank’. The group successfully beats back the bees, and continues to press forward into the sunset, hearing Frank’s cry of vengeance.


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