Dragons of Genovia

Heading to Another Temple...

The session opens with the group walking out of the coastal bronze dragon-born village, escorted by various fighters from the town. Wishing to arrive at the island’s temple, the escorters lead them through the jungle, which an elder in the village said would be the quickest path. The group marches through the day and the night. Saelbella falls asleep through the first night of marching, but Nirva continues to carry her along.

Devos spots something rustling in the trees, to find two large moths drinking the fruit juice of a large tree. The groups realizes these are no threat and continue to move along. However, during the next night, a new threat appeared. A group of snakes with riders attacks the group, are defeated, and interrogated [idk remember the details of the interrogation]

The group finally arrives in the mountain villiage two days later and Dazen keeps record of the encounter with the blacksmith. The session ends with Nerevar and Dazen heading into the Academy of Majics.


Eiros_T Eiros_T

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