Dragons of Genovia

Heading to the Southern Island

Alright, so, since this is my second time writing this synopsis … since i failed to save it the first time.. bear with me. (—Morgan)

Devos, Dazen, Ami, Eiros, Saelbella, Sir Johnny.

To the Monastery

The team finally got the draconis fundamentum machine working, but is unsure of what the machine’s capabilities actually are. After a few tries, Devos puts in his short knife and the machine which created an icy aura around it. To test the new weapon, Eiros and Devos stab a pancake which freezes over. After the machine becomes functional, Devos, Dazen, and Ami decide to go back to the Monastery to talk with Deeble and to gather their things (for the trip to the island). Eiros, Saelbella, and Sir Johnny stay back with the machine near the dragon.

Saying Goodbye for Awhile

On the trip to the monastery, Devos, Dazen, and Ami each have to take turn telling stories (i.e. Canterbury Tales style thank you very much) and each story must tell a moral. During their journey, a snow spider attacks them (they are getting more prevalent in the snowy mountain hills) but they killed the spider, to no avail! (YAY FOR MORE XP!!) Once they got back to the Monastery, they each talked to Deeble and tried to buy some more treasures. The three visit the vetrenarian to check on Ami’s dog, visit the blacksmith to trade some goods, and finally stop by Devos’ alchemy teacher (Ekono?) to chat about potions and potion-making ingredients. The three deposit the organs of the white dragon they recently slayed in the abbey’s cold storage cellar where the organs will be preserved until further use. They then decide to return back to camp where Eiros, Saelbella, and Sir Johnny are.

A New Friend

While the trio goes to the Monastery, Saelbella decides to take a look aroundthe Silver Dragon‘s mountainous caves while Eiros stays with the machine to chat with Argus. Saelbella is just looking around when she finds a pile of metal in the show in the snow that has not been working for quite some time. She takes it into the cave and tinkers with it to bring a spark of life to it, when she hears a ticking noise inside and realizes the machine is alive. Her memories of childhood tales of modrons stream to her memory, but tales are tales and she doesn’t know how to wake it up or reboot it. Ami and Devos find her in the cave (because she’s been missing from camp for a day). Saelbella doesn’t tell them what she found in fear that they would take the modron over. Once they return to camp, Saelbella brings the modron to the Silver Dragon who makes it work (because ancient dragons who do a lot of paperwork know a thing or two about pretty much everything). Nirva, the Modron, has a tie back to it’s supreme leader, Primus, and has to carry out its leader’s commands. Since Saelbella was the one to find Nirva, Nirva’s instructions require her to grant a favor to those who assist her mission and decides to follow Saelbella on her journey while continuing the commands of the Supreme leader. Nirva’s command was to talk to the leaders of each area in the Cenaria and survey their lands. Since Saelbella is a princess, she has connections to many leaders which make Nirva and Saelbella a perfect fit and a perfect pair! Harrison rolls his eyes

Since I was acting a little crazy about the Modron, I propose that we dismiss the part where Ami, Dazen, and Devos leave on their own… so instead, I say that we end this D&D with the whole team traveling to the island together!


Eiros_T Eiros_T

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