Dragons of Genovia

To The Silver Dragon (Pt. 4)

Escaping the Dungeon and Finding New Friends

A New Friend

The group ends their rest in the evil altar rooms and decides to delve further in order to find the exit. In the next passageway, a fireball appears from nowhere, and two Kobold priests appear. The group manages to defeat the two, but a great black dragon-born comes out of the shadows. Eiros speaks to him in Draconian and they realize they are friendly.

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Dazen tells the group he has been wandering the caverns for quite some time and wishes to escape them along with the group. The group heads back to the altar rooms and heads down another corridor.

A Way Out

They find a room full of smithworking kobolds. Amie, Devos, and Saelbella all sneak past them, though a little pointlessly because Johhny and Dazen intimidate the Kobolds to letting them pass.

Meanwhile, the three sneaks find a room full of jars and parts, presumed to be used in the smithy (Devos later takes some of the jars). Amie has her cat go through the portcullis to find out what is going on in the next room. Looking through, the three see two more Kobold shamans worshiping over an alter while chanting.

The cat returned excited and the group, seeing that as a good sign, burst into the room (at this time, Dazen, Johhny, and Eiros join the group). The group descends upon the shamans, and after a rough fight, are defeated by the group. After interrogating one of the Kobold prisoners and looting the rooms, the group finds the entrance to the dungeon and proceed to head out.

To The Monastery

Upon exiting, they find a hillier area, much closer to the Wyare Mountain Range than previously thought. They travel for a little while until finding a stream to rest by. Amie, feeling in good health, scavenges across the nearby woodlands for berries & materials she needs for spells, while Dazen hunts for food. After a small supper, the group proceeds to travel through the night to Devos’ monastery. In the night, the group encounters a giant ogre, but proceeds to sneak around it as to not wake it up.

At dawn, the group sees the sun break over the mountains, illuminating the facade of Devos’ monastery – Aquila Abbey. When the group gets closer, they see many monastics practicing their early morning routines and meditations. Devos first enters, approaching his superior, Joeth, to ask if the group may stay at the monastery. After a few lies, Joelth agrees to allow the group to enter, on the condition he speaks to the wizard first. Eiros unknowingly disproves Devos’ lies, though not really surprising Joelth. Joelth realizes the group means the abbey not harm and will not stay for long, so he finally agrees to let the group in (except Saelbella who is still feuding with the guard who wants to charge her entry).

The session ends with various members beginning a day of rest. Amie is off with Giavalia, the abbey master of healing, who agrees to tend to Amie’s dog. Dazen goes to meet with Joelth who begin discussion on the dragon idols found in the kobold dungeon. The session ends with Dazen and Joelth discussing the implications of the dragon idols


i don’t remember this one…musta been a rough day for me. thanks for the recap babe

(FieryCharizard – Thanks, that’s why we write them :P Also, there’s bonus XP and loot involved for those who want to write the pages for the red links which need pages)

To The Silver Dragon (Pt. 4)
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