Dragons of Genovia

Who Did the Math On Hurricanes and The Flight of Dragons

Not too much happened?

The session begins on the group looking upon the largest hurricane they have ever seen. Two main opinions rock the group: whether to fly over or through the hurricane. The group decides on a coin toss to barrel through the watery barrier. Ami nearly falls off during the flight and nearly falls into the stormy sea, but Devos teleports and manages to save her. Once the group gets out of the storm, they find a beautiful tropical island with a large mountain dominating the landscape of the island.

The group sees a nice flat plains area and decides to land there, a couple miles away from the village in which the group arrives in the late afternoon. The sneakies try to survey the village ahead of time, but the talkie talkie people decide that persuading the group in is better. They find a Bronze dragonborn village, many of whom have never seen any race besides dragonkind. The natives are somewhat hesitant to approach the group, though the ones who know common have some conversations with the group. Devos and Nerevar go into a majiks shop to browse and pick up a few things. The leader of the town (who had a name that I cannot recall at this point in time) tells the group that they can send an escort of dragonborn fighters with the group to protect them as they travel through the jungle towards the temple, since many bands of wild dragonborn roam amongst the trees. The session ends at dawn when the group embarks into the dense unknown of the Southern Dragon Isle.


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