Ami Lionello

Sister of Sir Johnny, a lady of Minarmia


Personality Traits

  • Folk Hero – When I set my mind to something, I follow through. I use long words because knowledge is power.
  • Ideals – Sincerity – It’s no good pretending I’m something I’m not
  • Bonds – Minarmia will have a statue of me in the town square someday
  • Flaws – I am convinced of the significance of my destiny

Ami has four animals
Sonic who is a hedgehog
Epona who is a horse
Sheik who is a cat
Impa who is a dog

Impa was going to be sacrificed by kobolds but was saved by Ami.

And is the only one that has common sense. (She gets tired of her “friends” bickering.)


A long time ago an army of kobolds attacked my farm village. My brother and I had to defend our town and care for the townspeople while we were still working.

Ami Lionello

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