Great Dragon Mage

Magic Servant to the Lord of Baldoc


In the last Great War, the Dragon Mage (or magi, the legends are unclear whether it was a single person or an entire cult), these mages assisted the Lord of Baldoc in his conquests to control Genovia. Most notably, they used their magics to control the 5 of the 7 kings of Cenaria, forcing them to command their armies to subdue the two remaining realms: Genovia and the Elven Lands.

Scholars argue as to which draconic deity helped them obtain their magic, but most of them did exemplify traits of green dragons, at least in the notes of the chroniclers of the time. They were said the travel with armies from the rear, casting firebolts that would rain down on opposing armies, or make the sky turn dark, severely limiting the visibility of enemy archers.

Great Dragon Mage

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