List of Common Potions, Alchemical Items, & Effects

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(value / material prices, time to make + requirements)


Alchemical Mixture, (25gp/13gp, 1 day)
Does 2d6 damage per vial used

Alchemist’s fire

Alchemical mixture (50g / 25g, 2 days)
Set something on fire, 1d4 damage/round/vial


Herbal Mix (50g / 25g, 2 days)
Gives advantage on poison saves for the encounter, can be used as a reaction to poisoning; certain animal parts can be extracted to make these for 5gp.


Alchemical item, (50 gp / 25 gp, 1 lb, 2 days)
This explosive is used for demolitions and clearing rocky land. Its fuse can be lit as a bonus action, causing it to detonate one round later in a 5-foot-radius explosion. Each creature in the area must make a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw, taking 2d6 damage on a failed save or half that damage on a successful one. Half of the damage is thunder damage, and the other half is fire damage.


(2cp / 1cp, 20 per day)
cost 1 cp each (its just hot wax but you could make wax that has a scent or wax that releases poison gas), burn for 1 hour

Lesser Green Potion

Wondrous item (100 gp, 4 days, alchemy+2 Lvl. Spell Slot)
This swirly green liquid smells like musty books. As an action you can drink it, regaining spell slots totalling 2 spell levels. (Note: More potent versions of this potion will restore more spell slots.)


Alchemy (2 sp / 1 sp, 5 per day)
Can set somebody on fire (5 damage for 2 rounds), presumably also keeps a lantern lit, costs 1sp/flask

Potion of Healing

(50 gp, 2 days crafting, herbalism kit)
Whatever its potency, the potion’s red liquid glimmers when agitated. Restores 2d4+2 HP.


List of Common Potions, Alchemical Items, & Effects

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