Dragons of Genovia

Heading to the Southern Island
Part 2

The chapter begins with the group riding in to the northern Farnbo Fort, Farnbie – there is still just the right amount of day time left for the group to check out the town and to find an inn to spend the night at.

The first thing that happens is Nerevar truly wants a pair of gloves, so he approaches a merchant and asks, but the merchant has none. He decides to ask the merchant for a sickness potion. Merchant makes a potion for his sickness for his “face” (because as a Drow, he looks like a sickly and disfigured elf). The potion costs 25 gold points.

The group decides to stay at the Three Moons Tavern and Inn. Eiros asks how the journey went (since the group arrived a little before Eiros, Saelbella, Sir Johnny & Nirva did). Eiros and Saelbella head to the Foamy Tankard (the best tavern in town) to grab a bite to eat.

Devos asks the guard if he can spar with Dazen on the top of the wall. Gaurd takes a precaution and makes them sign the legal waiver (so that the police force is not responsible for any injuries).

Ami goes to talk to Squeeble (brother of Deeble) to barter for some more magical items.

Meanwhile, Eiros and the bartender are talking about philosophy (blah blah blah). Saelbella is somewhat familiar with philosophy since Saelbella is a princess. Saelbella gets bored from the conversation and goes to sit by a guy sitting by himself who is writing in a book. Saelbella finds out that the man she talks to is in charge of surveying the land. Saelbella brings Nirva over to talk to the man. However, Nirva finds the map to be useless and when Saelbella inquires why, Nirva states it must actually see and survey the land itself, as there are many other things needed for the surveillance project than what the map has.

Devos wants to know what rumors are happening around town, so in the inn, he asks a few patrons about rumors. The most interesting rumor he hears is that one of the towns south of Farnbie was recently burnt down, but the cause was unknown. He proceeds to exit the inn and asks a herbal merchant about the rumor and about medicines. The man knows little else about the burnt town, but when Devos asks for a seasickness potion, the man sends him to a merchant inside the fort who knows more about the rumor. Inside the fort, the merchant Dámajj sells him some seaweed for the potion, and tells more about the rumor. When two separate groups went to investigate the causes, only one speechless individual returned and disappeared the next day without a word. Devos then returns to the medicine brewer who says the potions will be ready the next day at lunch.

Meanwhile, Nerevar finds his way into the Tankard with Dazen shortly behind. Nerevar goes up to the bar to order a skulka, the foamy favorite drink of the area. However, the bartender informs him that since the embargo, skulka root has been quite rare and he has no skulka drink to sell. Frustrated and disappointed, Nerevar then eavesdrops in the bar for a bit to overhear two warriors with trident emblems talking about the embargo. Nerevar starts to question them about the embargo and where he can get some skulka, but because he hasn’t had many social encounters lately, he proceeds to tick off the leader of the two. A fight almost begins, but Dazen restrains Nerevar in time to take him outside the bar. Dazen knocks the drow out and with the assistance of Devos, the two put the elf on the shelf, propped up by the chimney.

Dazen returns to the bar to apologize to the two travellers. He asks them more about the embargo. When the two ask where he and his companions are headed, Dazen replies by telling them they are headed southward to the Dragon Temple on the southern island. The leader scoffs, telling him such a journey would be suicide and that the bravest sailors would not even dare approaching the isle. He informs Dazen that it would be nearly impossible to buy passage to the island unless the group could procure their own boat. Dazen finishes his drink and then asks the leader why he doesn’t take his helmet off. The stranger replies “There are some secrets that we all have, now don’t we Dragonborn?” Dazen then bids the stranger goodnight and drags the intoxicated Eiros off to bed.

The next morning, Devos and Dazen go to wake Eiros up and find a pile of vomit next to the bed, with an Eiros sprawled about the bed. When Devos goes to administer medicine to Eiros, the elf leaps up, laughs, and pointing to the vomit, snaps his fingers as it dissapears. Devos and Dazen watch Eiros saunter out of the room, stunned. The two then proceed to wake Saelbella up, but there is no answer when they knock on the door. Devos picks open the lock and the two find no Saelbella, Sir Johhny, or Nirva in the room. The bed clearly seems like someone slept in it that night, but there is no sign of a scuffle. Only an open window, a locket that Ami recognizes Saelbella found on an adventure from earlier, and the key Saelbella claimed from the Frozen Dragon’s lair…

Heading to the Southern Island

Alright, so, since this is my second time writing this synopsis … since i failed to save it the first time.. bear with me. (—Morgan)

Devos, Dazen, Ami, Eiros, Saelbella, Sir Johnny.

To the Monastery

The team finally got the draconis fundamentum machine working, but is unsure of what the machine’s capabilities actually are. After a few tries, Devos puts in his short knife and the machine which created an icy aura around it. To test the new weapon, Eiros and Devos stab a pancake which freezes over. After the machine becomes functional, Devos, Dazen, and Ami decide to go back to the Monastery to talk with Deeble and to gather their things (for the trip to the island). Eiros, Saelbella, and Sir Johnny stay back with the machine near the dragon.

Saying Goodbye for Awhile

On the trip to the monastery, Devos, Dazen, and Ami each have to take turn telling stories (i.e. Canterbury Tales style thank you very much) and each story must tell a moral. During their journey, a snow spider attacks them (they are getting more prevalent in the snowy mountain hills) but they killed the spider, to no avail! (YAY FOR MORE XP!!) Once they got back to the Monastery, they each talked to Deeble and tried to buy some more treasures. The three visit the vetrenarian to check on Ami’s dog, visit the blacksmith to trade some goods, and finally stop by Devos’ alchemy teacher (Ekono?) to chat about potions and potion-making ingredients. The three deposit the organs of the white dragon they recently slayed in the abbey’s cold storage cellar where the organs will be preserved until further use. They then decide to return back to camp where Eiros, Saelbella, and Sir Johnny are.

A New Friend

While the trio goes to the Monastery, Saelbella decides to take a look aroundthe Silver Dragon‘s mountainous caves while Eiros stays with the machine to chat with Argus. Saelbella is just looking around when she finds a pile of metal in the show in the snow that has not been working for quite some time. She takes it into the cave and tinkers with it to bring a spark of life to it, when she hears a ticking noise inside and realizes the machine is alive. Her memories of childhood tales of modrons stream to her memory, but tales are tales and she doesn’t know how to wake it up or reboot it. Ami and Devos find her in the cave (because she’s been missing from camp for a day). Saelbella doesn’t tell them what she found in fear that they would take the modron over. Once they return to camp, Saelbella brings the modron to the Silver Dragon who makes it work (because ancient dragons who do a lot of paperwork know a thing or two about pretty much everything). Nirva, the Modron, has a tie back to it’s supreme leader, Primus, and has to carry out its leader’s commands. Since Saelbella was the one to find Nirva, Nirva’s instructions require her to grant a favor to those who assist her mission and decides to follow Saelbella on her journey while continuing the commands of the Supreme leader. Nirva’s command was to talk to the leaders of each area in the Cenaria and survey their lands. Since Saelbella is a princess, she has connections to many leaders which make Nirva and Saelbella a perfect fit and a perfect pair! Harrison rolls his eyes

Since I was acting a little crazy about the Modron, I propose that we dismiss the part where Ami, Dazen, and Devos leave on their own… so instead, I say that we end this D&D with the whole team traveling to the island together!

Meeting the Silver Dragon
Two Sessions Worth of Adventures

Prep Time

After returning from the battle with the orcs and recovering the horses, the group finds Sir Johnny slightly changed: he now has a lute and sings like a bard. He was infused with bardic magic by a dying musical monk who passed on part of his spirit to Johnny.

Meanwhile, the group realizes they need to continue their path to the Silver Dragon so they spend a day or so with various activities of researching the history of the mountains, preparing supplies, and talking with the locals to get ready for the ascent. Sir Johnny sneaks into Master Joelth’s room and finds a map of Cenaria with locations of different dragons on it, and learns that every master of the monastery has been named Joelth, this being the 25th. He returns and tells the group about his various encounters with the Silver Dragon over his lifetime.

Setting Out

Prepared, the group decides to embark on their journey. The ascent is fairly uneventful until Dazen’s horse steps onto an ice patch which breaks and leads down into a kazm. Dazen grabs the ledge, but fails to thigh clench his horse to keep it along with him, but when he sees Eiros cast a spell and dive down into the chasm, Dazen follows also. The other members of the party see the two small figures wave for the party to continue on without them, signalling the group will meet up later.

Saelbella, Johnny, Ami, and Devos continue up the path and realize they do not know whether to choose the foggy or sleeting peak, since Eiros was the one who really knew the way. Their guts tell them to decide on the sleeting peak. After an hour or so of good fun an riding, the four are ambushed by a large white snowy spider. Saelbella and Johnny successfully kill it, and Devos extracts the frost poison from it.

The Wrong Dragon

After another few hours of travel, the group encounters a cave that leads into a Dwarven mining system. The four begin to try to deciper the riddles, wondering if they will help lead to the Silver Dragon. However, the posse went to the wrong mountain and found the wrong dragon. Instead of finding the Silver Dragon, they found the Frozen Dragon which ended up dropping from the ceiling right behind the group and with a swift breath, freezing Sir Johnny. Devos ends up running out of one tunnel while Ami and Saelbella head down another…

Ami and Saelbella went together down a CHASM and went through the old minecart paths and found a new creature, Nerevar, who was looking for the frozen dragon. Since Ami and Saelbella just saw the dragon, they made a deal with Nerevar that they would lead him to the dragon if he helped save Sir Johnny. On their way back to fight the frozen dragon, they find a hallway with tons of treasures frozen under a sheet of ice and they use the magic blanket to defrost the surface to get to the treasures. Nerevar finds a sword, Saelbella took a pair of magical gloves, but then suddenly the dragon popped up out of no where and they decided to fight. Everyone meets back to fight off the frozen dragon. Devos [Groot] decides to shoot an arrow with a string through the butt of a dragon (this is such a boy game) while everyone else is just trying to defeat the dragon.

The situation looks bleak for the four after the Frozen Dragon exhales and icy breath, but suddenly three fireballs fly through the cave entrance, Dazen, Eiros, and a mysterious stranger appear. The group brings the dragon right next to death with the hopes of being able to tame the dragon. However, Ami realizes this will pretty much be impossible so they euthanize the dragon. The mysterious stranger offers to take the frozen dragon back to his home so the group. Dumbfounded, the group watches as the mysterious stranger turns into a giant silver dragon, grabs the corpse with his claws, and soars out.

Of Side Questing

On the way to the other mountain peak, Dazen and Eiros recount the tale after the chasm fall. The two proceeded to head in the upward sloping direction of the chasm, which eventually ended quite near to the foggy peak. The two realize this is probably the mountain of the Silver Dragon and proceed to go there. on the way, Eiros spots a Snow Spider and the two swiftly kill it. Dazen attempts to extract the frost poison, but slices his arm on one of the fangs and suffers a bit of cold. The two eventually reach a plateau point where a couple of cave entrances line the snowy mountain stone. Eiros scouts into one of the entrances and after a few minutes, comes out and tells Dazen to come in also. Inside, they find a man in an office filling out stacks of paperwork. He greets them and after a bit of conversation, the two realize this is the Dragon they are looking for, and the Frozen Dragon to whom their friends probably encountered is quite the nuisance to him. The Dragon agrees that if the group can remove his Frozen Dragon threat, he will assist them however he can.

New Treasures and Quests

The group returns to the Silver Dragon’s home, who reveals after filing through his paperwork, his name is Argus. He informs the group in on the history of Cenaria, Montooth, Èeiore, and a bit on himself. He shares some his treasures with the group as a thank you and assists the party in their mission to take apart the Frozen Dragon’s corpse. Argus gives Eiros and Devos blueprints for a machine that can utilize a draconis fundamentum to upgrade weaponry. Meanwhile, Eiros mentions that Montooth was the one who instructed the group to come to Argus for help and advice. Ami hands over the Dragon Mage‘s hat for Argus’ safekeeping. Argus instructs the group that the mystics at the temple of Bahamut on an island south of the continent. He had never actually been there, but from what he knows, it seems like the best place to go for answers since the temple is run by Dragon-born and harbors the greatest library of Draconic writing. The chapter ends with the party attuning to their new magic weapons, tinkering with parts, and sleeping.

To the Silver Dragon (Part 5)
The Battle of Grandma's Cookies

Each person goes on their own adventure and they all meet up in the end to take on the Orcs at the battle of Grandma’s Cookies.

Dazen begins in the basement of Aquila Abbey with the head monk – Joelth. Joelth shows Dazen a huge secret section (filled with numerous dragon items, books, weapons, etc) to put the statue back in. Dazen nonchalantly asks Joelth if there is anything from the basment Joelth would mind giving him in return for putting the statue back. Joelth says the things in the basement are pretty secretive and special but there is a blacksmith upstairs in the abbey that can enchant and fix weapons and there is a library that Dazen can have access to with special books inside to help him on his journey. Dazen decides to go check out the blacksmith and see what things can be done to make his weapons better. The blacksmith, named is Atlock, gives Joelth a few different ideas that he can do to his sword, but Dazen needs to figure out how long the company is staying at the abbey before he decides what enchantments and modifications he wants to have.

Ami is still worried about her dog (Impa) who in the medical ward. Ami tells the story of what happened to the dog and the healer, Givalia, tells her there are a few options for the dog (splints etc) but it will at least take a month or two for Impa to heal correctly. Just like Dazen, before Ami commits to any procedures (etc) she needs to know how long the clan is staying at the abbey. Later in the day, Ami goes to Deeble and rents a magical Blankey of Comfort and learns Deeble had seen the horses with a roving band of orcs, several miles from the abbey.

No one knows that Saelbella is the princess of Genovia so she tries to concel her identity as she converses with people. Because she’s made mistakes before, Saelbella has to be careful what she says to people because she doesn’t want her friends to be put in a perilous situation. Since everyone is running their own errands, Saelbella decides to go outside for a walk where she meets Deeble – the very peppy, energetic, and enthusiastic merchant. At first she wants to stock up on medicine and clothing, but Deeble offers her magic items at a low cost and and the shiny magic catches her eye. Deeble (from Deeble and Brothers’ Magic Travelling Shoppe) offers her magic nail polish gloves and magic makeup and Saelbella gets offended (for being a woman) so she asks for dark magic items. Deeble (with some tough negotiation) sells her a magic coin (a lucky charm) for 20 GP, three shares of stock in company, which makes her a bronze member. Deeble claims these special members receive a 5% discount at any D&B store. Saelbella goes back into the castle content, and has a strange idea that she wants to become to be a fairy bounty hunter as she has a temporary mystical connection with the Feywild.

Devos (aka Groot) took a nap right when he returned to the abbey, but finally decided to get out of bed and walk around the abbey… and then he also sees the merchant and wants to buy a magic ring but he is too poor….Devos and Ami talk and they call a “meeting” with Dazen, Saelbella, and Eiros to come up with a plan to get the horses back so they can continue on their journey.

The fellowship decides to head out in the early afternoon towards the direction indicated by Deeble to recover the horses, with Ami leading the way with her natural connection and sensitivity in the mountain foothills. After two or three hours of travel, the group stumbles upon a campsite with burnt-out fires and left over food but they are not sure how recently people (orcs, kobolds etc) have been there. They decide to follow the tracks Ami found which leads them for a couple more hours to a ledge that over looks the beauties of the fields and mountains of the Wyare Mountain Range, but also the NEW riverside campsite of the band of orcs. The group spots about ten to fifteen in the band – but all spread out.

Because the group cherished their horses, especially Amie, the group waits and plans for the cover of night to stealthily sneak in and destroy the orcs and recover the horses. As a joke arisen during the travel to the fight, the group nicknames it – the “Battle of Grandma’s Cookies” Devos uses his monastic spellcasting to help Dazen sneak into the fight, and the two along with Saelbella kill the two guards. Amie, the hero of the battle, kills the Orc necromancer sleeping on Epona in one swift blow. After killing the conscious and/or powerful adversaries, the group silently kills all of the other orcs and then loots their corpses for gold and other valuables.

The session ends with everyone levels up and the group deciding what they plan on doing next, along with finishing looting the bodies (During this time, Sir Johhny was sleeping in the Abbey, so they should probably go back and get him.)

To The Silver Dragon (Pt. 4)
Escaping the Dungeon and Finding New Friends
A New Friend

The group ends their rest in the evil altar rooms and decides to delve further in order to find the exit. In the next passageway, a fireball appears from nowhere, and two Kobold priests appear. The group manages to defeat the two, but a great black dragon-born comes out of the shadows. Eiros speaks to him in Draconian and they realize they are friendly.

Insert Stuff about Dave’s character / what he reveals bla bla bla

Dazen tells the group he has been wandering the caverns for quite some time and wishes to escape them along with the group. The group heads back to the altar rooms and heads down another corridor.

A Way Out

They find a room full of smithworking kobolds. Amie, Devos, and Saelbella all sneak past them, though a little pointlessly because Johhny and Dazen intimidate the Kobolds to letting them pass.

Meanwhile, the three sneaks find a room full of jars and parts, presumed to be used in the smithy (Devos later takes some of the jars). Amie has her cat go through the portcullis to find out what is going on in the next room. Looking through, the three see two more Kobold shamans worshiping over an alter while chanting.

The cat returned excited and the group, seeing that as a good sign, burst into the room (at this time, Dazen, Johhny, and Eiros join the group). The group descends upon the shamans, and after a rough fight, are defeated by the group. After interrogating one of the Kobold prisoners and looting the rooms, the group finds the entrance to the dungeon and proceed to head out.

To The Monastery

Upon exiting, they find a hillier area, much closer to the Wyare Mountain Range than previously thought. They travel for a little while until finding a stream to rest by. Amie, feeling in good health, scavenges across the nearby woodlands for berries & materials she needs for spells, while Dazen hunts for food. After a small supper, the group proceeds to travel through the night to Devos’ monastery. In the night, the group encounters a giant ogre, but proceeds to sneak around it as to not wake it up.

At dawn, the group sees the sun break over the mountains, illuminating the facade of Devos’ monastery – Aquila Abbey. When the group gets closer, they see many monastics practicing their early morning routines and meditations. Devos first enters, approaching his superior, Joeth, to ask if the group may stay at the monastery. After a few lies, Joelth agrees to allow the group to enter, on the condition he speaks to the wizard first. Eiros unknowingly disproves Devos’ lies, though not really surprising Joelth. Joelth realizes the group means the abbey not harm and will not stay for long, so he finally agrees to let the group in (except Saelbella who is still feuding with the guard who wants to charge her entry).

The session ends with various members beginning a day of rest. Amie is off with Giavalia, the abbey master of healing, who agrees to tend to Amie’s dog. Dazen goes to meet with Joelth who begin discussion on the dragon idols found in the kobold dungeon. The session ends with Dazen and Joelth discussing the implications of the dragon idols

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 3)
Of kidnappings and finding a new friend

The Interrogation & Capture

The scene opens on the 4 adventurers interrogating their two new Gawician prisoners. Though intimidation fails, the group manages to bargain and exchange information on destination for freedom. The two comply and say they are headed to Vallonde in order to begin trade talks so that Gawic can receive more food in exchange for other resources. Saelbella gets mad because she wants to kill them for not complying, but she leaves the group when they won’t follow her commands.

After setting them free, the Gawicians decide to travel through the night to the previous town the company had stayed at. Not wanting to move for the night since the group had a decent campsite, the group decides to settle down there for the night. Eiros agrees to take the first watch and the group falls asleep.

Saelbella wakes up in the middle of the night to a rustling in the trees, and when she looks around the campsite, she sees Eiros is missing. Believing he might have wandered off, she treks into the woods to find him. After a minute, she gets hit in the shoulder with an arrow. Whipping around, she sees a 3 foot lizard creature with a bow loading another arrow. Thuck! Another arrow pierces her and realizing she is under attack, she runs back to the camp screaming.

Back at camp, Johhny and Ami wake up to find some more lizards approaching. The two begin to fight them off, but they simply outnumber the two. A burlier lizard steps out of the shadows with a rapier and a shield and dives onto Amie on her horse knocking her off. The two roll and duel on the ground, but the lizard delivers the knockout blow.

Saelbella now has a storm of arrows flying past her. As she runs, she notices a lizard up ahead. She misses the initial attack, and takes a step back. The ring begins calling to her to assist her, but as she focuses, she feels a surge of power… and then blacks out.

The Dungeon

The group of four wakes up to find themselves shackled in a cell with another member, Devos Oak. Eiros reminds Saelbella of their training along the journey so far and tries to have her focus on her Mage Hand spell. Saelbella uses it to grab a finger bone off a nearby skeleton to lock-pick the shackles. The group sends Amie, Saelbella, and Devos down the hall to scout out the area. They find their equipment around the corner locked up in another room. Saelbella uses her Mage Hand again to identify the trapped door, disable the trap, and open it up so that the group can grab their equipment.

Heading up the nearby staircase, the group finds an unlocked door, and after opening it, casting a Minor Illusion , the group spies on the lizard they found in the room. Amie had explained earlier that these creatures are kobolds, who had once attacked her town along with a band of orcs. The group makes a plan that Saelbella will sneak in, Eiros will make the weaker kobolds fall asleep, and the group will charge in and attack the stronger kobold. The plan works, and after a heated battle, the group kills the leader (who had earlier been the one to capture Amie) and interrogate the two kobolds who fell asleep. Amie forces them to lead the group to the “sacrifices,” Amie’s animals.

The kobolds lead them through a series of hallways, and first into an emptier room with a door across the way. The kobolds say there is a pressure plate in the middle of the room that will spring open the locked door. Amie forces them to step on the plate, and when they do, a big block falls on them and kills them. The group investigates the room further and finds a treasure chest full of precious metals, gems, and a hat. They split the loot and proceed through the door. After some more hallways, the group finds themselves right outside a altar room, with several kobolds chanting and two mage kobolds about to sacrifice Amie’s dog (Uhh… can’t remember the name) and her hedgehog and cat locked up in the corner.

The group makes a plan to surprise the kobolds and then storm in. A fiery battle ensues, and partway through, the mages cast a fog spell which means everyone couldn’t see more than 5 ft. away from them. The group defeats all of the kobolds and finds the dog, bleeding profusely and all of his legs ritually broken. Devos stabilizes the dog, and Amie feeds it magical berries to help revive it. The session ends with the group resting in the foggy room, waiting for the fog to clear before heading out again to find an exit out of this maze….

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 2)
Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 2)

After defeating a band of bandits, the group arrives at the city of Cabel and is greeted by the local duke: Grizzwald. He acknowledges that his son, Sir Dèvon, does not wish to marry Amie anymore.
As needed to head south towards the mountain cave of the Silver Dragon, the group travels along the riverway flowing from Lake Sian.
That night in a tavern, Saelbella has a rough standoff with a mysterious stranger with a trident emblem on his chest. After the fight is broken up, the company retires for the night.
In the morning, they are met by an old man who questions them about their adventures, and while Saelbella almost gives their quest away, Eiros shushes her as to not reveal any secrets about the quest.

The group continues to head south since the tavern villiage, Paneria was the midpoint between Cabel and Lake Sian. Upon walking through a lightly forested grassland, the group encounters a red-armored warrior with two guards who have scorpion emblems. Saelbella and Sir Johhny try to sneak up behind them, but fail, causing one of the guards to come investigate. Saelbella silently kills the one guard after accidentally falling out of a tree. Saelbella dresses into the guard’s armor, and tries to infiltrate information from the Red Warrior, but she fails to disguise her voice well enough. The Red Warrior notices this and proceeds to knock of Saelbella’s helmet revealing the truth.
A battle ensues, but the company prevails, managing to knock the Red Warrior unconscious and tying up both of their enemies to a tree.
The chapter ends with the company deciding what to ask their newfound captives as night falls.

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 1)
All of the intro stuff since I am not sure what was in which session

The plot begins in Genovia, the northernmost kingdom of the land of Cenaria. King Garrett is the ruler and his daughter is Saelbella. Sir Devon comes from the local town over and wishes to marry Amie, the daughter of one of Garett’s dukes, the Duke of Minarmia. However, Saelbella also wishes to marry Sir Johhny, Amie’s brother. As to have everyone get a chance to know each other, King Garett sends the group on a goodwill trip to Fort Triel, one of the defensive holds guarding against the evils of the Woods of Abondòn. King Garett sends along with Sir Lancelot, a knight from another kingdom with a dragon on his armor, and Sir Jayko, a great knight of Genovia. .

The group heads to Fort Triel on a goodwill mission, to visit with the local troops and boost morale. Upon arrival, the local duke tells the company that several villagers have disappeared there simply are not enough men to attempt to find the villagers. The group agrees and proceeds to head out into the Woods of Abandon to find the missing. Sir Lancelot and Sir Jakyo end up heading in one direction, and Saelbella, Eiros, Amie, and Johnny in another.

Middday of walking through the Woods of Abandon, the group proceeds to find a cave and has a strange premonition to enter.

The group enters the cave and after 15 minutes of downward tunnels, comes to a larger room with three branches. The group proceeds to enter the leftmost branch and eventually comes across three draconic words inscribed in the wall: “Exile, Metal, Beast.” Further along, they reach a another larger cavern where a table is set with food and an old man sitting at the table. The old man beckons the group to join to eat, and when they sit down, two skeletons appear and the door slams closed. The group engages in a fight, the old man wielding magic. The group wins, but Eiros is nearly knocked unconscious. The group becomes trapped in the room, but Saelbella finds a mysterious bottle, and after drinking out of it, learns that she can teleport anywhere. She teleports out to the door to find an Elven inscription. It states that only the blood of Eèiore, the Great Elven King, can open the door. Saelbella cuts her hand and proceeds to attempt to open the door and is successful.

The group returns to the first chamber, learning 2 days had passed, and Johhny proceeds to tell the group that he found something in one of the other caves.

Finding a great golden dragon in the cave Johhny shows them, Saelbella proceeds to approach it and a mysterious shimmering golden warrior appears. He begins speaking in Draconic, a language only Eiros understands. The golden dragon is Montooth. His treasure horde is filled with ancient artifacts and magical items, rather than the usual golden mound of gems and gold like a usual dragon. He proceeds to tell Saelbella that she is the heir of Eèiore, the great Elven King of ages past. Montooth and Eèorie were great friends and together, they first stopped the Lord of Baldoc from taking over Cenaria. Afterwards, the LO-Baldoc’s greatest wizard, The Great Dragon Mage, proceeded to revive his master by killing Montooth and stealing his Dragon Essence. This plan ultimately failed, as Eèoire came to Montooth’s aid, entombing the Dragon Mage in a cavern cell controlled by Montooth. However, Montooth had to imbue his essence into the cave, and with the combined power of Montooth and Eèiore, the Dragon Mage was sealed away.

When Saelbella used her blood to open the door of the Dragon Mage’s tomb, they allowed his spirit to escape, but not his body and since Amie has the Dragon Mage’s hat, the mage cannot restore his power until he gets the hat back. “The Silver Dragon will also be able to guard the Dragon Mage’s hat,” Montooth commanded.

Montooth instructs the group to find the Silver Dragon, whose lair is in the southern Vallonde Mountain range, in order to learn how to restore the essence of Montooth, safeguard the Dragon Mage’s hat, and help figure out how to re-imprison the Dragon Mage.

Montooth also gives the group gifts, the greatest of these being the Ring of Eèiore. This allows Saelbella to communicate with the living mind of Eèiore, who can give her advice in times of need. Is it also able to know when other Elves are around, but only if Saelbella activates the power. Finally, the ring has other mysterious powers beyond Saelbella’s knowledge that will come to her over time. The group thanks Montooth and proceeds to head back to Fort Triel and go to the Silver Dragon.

Upon returning to Fort Triel, the group learns that the other group of Sir Jakyo and Lancelot found the missing villagers, who were all wandering aimlessly throughout the Woods of Abondon. The group proceeds to Genovia.

In Genovia, Saelbella learns for the first time that she is not actually the blood daughter of King Garett, but adopted. Her father was one of King Garett’s greatest knights but died on an adventure (which the king did not revea the details). Her mother was an exile from the Elven Lands, though the reason why is unknown. King Garett tells Saelbella that she is still considered the heir to the throne and a true daughter of Genovia, a secret to be shared only be them and the company.

The group sets out from Genovia to head out and find the Silver Dragon. They stop in Minarmia to resupply for the trip and to say goodbye to the father of Amie and Johhny.

Along the way the group is attacked by bandits, but successfully fends them off.

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