Dragons of Genovia

Heading to Another Temple...

The session opens with the group walking out of the coastal bronze dragon-born village, escorted by various fighters from the town. Wishing to arrive at the island’s temple, the escorters lead them through the jungle, which an elder in the village said would be the quickest path. The group marches through the day and the night. Saelbella falls asleep through the first night of marching, but Nirva continues to carry her along.

Devos spots something rustling in the trees, to find two large moths drinking the fruit juice of a large tree. The groups realizes these are no threat and continue to move along. However, during the next night, a new threat appeared. A group of snakes with riders attacks the group, are defeated, and interrogated [idk remember the details of the interrogation]

The group finally arrives in the mountain villiage two days later and Dazen keeps record of the encounter with the blacksmith. The session ends with Nerevar and Dazen heading into the Academy of Majics.

Who Did the Math On Hurricanes and The Flight of Dragons
Not too much happened?

The session begins on the group looking upon the largest hurricane they have ever seen. Two main opinions rock the group: whether to fly over or through the hurricane. The group decides on a coin toss to barrel through the watery barrier. Ami nearly falls off during the flight and nearly falls into the stormy sea, but Devos teleports and manages to save her. Once the group gets out of the storm, they find a beautiful tropical island with a large mountain dominating the landscape of the island.

The group sees a nice flat plains area and decides to land there, a couple miles away from the village in which the group arrives in the late afternoon. The sneakies try to survey the village ahead of time, but the talkie talkie people decide that persuading the group in is better. They find a Bronze dragonborn village, many of whom have never seen any race besides dragonkind. The natives are somewhat hesitant to approach the group, though the ones who know common have some conversations with the group. Devos and Nerevar go into a majiks shop to browse and pick up a few things. The leader of the town (who had a name that I cannot recall at this point in time) tells the group that they can send an escort of dragonborn fighters with the group to protect them as they travel through the jungle towards the temple, since many bands of wild dragonborn roam amongst the trees. The session ends at dawn when the group embarks into the dense unknown of the Southern Dragon Isle.

Messed Up

The session begins on Ami and Davos heading out into the forest, running away from the skeletons. They decide to go into a hut, that holds magical items. Davos performs the ritual, which involve s chanting and throwing a glass on the ground, like they’ve seen Nerevar and Eiros do before.

Dazen goes to Shadowfell and talks to the man in charge, who is skeptical of Bahamat. The man questions him about his loyalty to Bahamat – why is he still continuing to help Bahamat even after his debt is paid? This man, explains that there is another deity that needs his help – and she will repay him even better. This man explains that this other deity is taking over Genovia and Bahamat has almost no power left and Dazen wouldn’t have to worry about a thing (he would always have his powers). The man tries to convince him that Dazen would be more of a help to this deity (he could continue to be a paladin – in charge – except for a different deity). Dazen asks his interrogator to consult his friend on this decision. The interrogator lets Dazen see Nerevar and Eiros. They talk for a long time. The ground shakes and they do not know what is going on (spoiler alert, Sallabella was tricked into breaking the seal that was placed on “all” of the colored dragons. The dragons are making a crossing over to the material plain, and are trying to take over the world.) Dazen, Nerevar, and Eiros finish talking and go back to the head of the temple.

When the three see what happens, Eiros takes action while the other two are in shock. He proceeds to shout to what the other PC’s believe is arcanic jargon then suddenly the dragons reverse direction and head back towards the temple, which explodes into a ball of light caused by Eiros.

Ami and Devos are able to recreate the Shadowfell crossing spell and travel to the dark lands, only to be greeted by the sight of the dragon horde ascending into the purple shadowy portal. The two see the castle fall, and rush towards it, believing their friends to be inside. The two find Saelbella, who tells them how she was tricked, and with the help of her animals, finds Eiros, who quickly states that rules have been broken that he must go fix as he promptly fades away. Underneath him, buried in rubble are Dazen and Nerevar. Saelbella believes she can find Sir Johhny here too, one of her interrogators. She manages to find him and a few Medicine checks later, the knight is revived. He is clearly no longer under the control of the shadowy order, and proceeds to help the group understand that the lives they left are now under siege.

After a bit of debate, the group decides the best course of action is to head to the Southern Dragon Isle, a land that seems to be lost to time. Their hope is to convince the fabled dragonborn population to convert to Bahamaut and his ways. Dazen goes to Bahamaut to have Argus come and pick the group up back in the village. Soon, the group rides on the wings of the Silver Dragon, ending the session with an amazing sight: the largest hurricane the group has ever seen.

Don't go Chasing Butterflies

The group decides to sleep for the night, taking turns on watch. Nerevar, in the morning, explains that there are giant caterpillars that make very grand and expensive silk. The group decides to go look for the silk (and maybe Saelbella and Groot will sell it in their store). So the group sees the silk cocoon and starts to cut it down. Everyone thinks it’s a terrible idea once they see that it’s the caterpillar’s hub…but Groot and Saelbella (YOLO) and cut down the silk anyways while the other two argue. Dazen keeps watch and Nerevar grabs some silk and runs off, afraid of what’s to come.

As Nerevar leaves, 4 huge multicolored butterflies come and surround the cocoon where Saelbella and Groot are collecting the silk. After a tough battle, where the Rock was cast to deliver darkness around the fight, Ami decides to interfere (because it doesn’t look good for her team) and use her animals to talk to the butterflies to restore peace. The butterflies accept the apology and give the team 15 sq yards of silk each. They end with peaceful goodbyes.

The group returns back to the campsite. They decide to keep going towards the south, and they run into a river / harbor and are deciding what to do now. While Saebella argues that they use their raft, a merchant ship comes up to them and explains about how ships go into the ocean and then after a long talk they ask if the group wants to buy anything. They say no and continue down stream until they come across a village. They notice that the village is taking up their path and they won’t be able to go around the village because it will take up too much time. The Blades Of Neddas decide to ask if they can walk through, they were denied, and then finally they let the Blades Of Neddas in after they found out this is the same group that destroyed a dragon. This is good news to the wood elves,, because they are followers of the Red Queen who is trying to destroy Bahamat. The wood elves even invite the group to dinner, and without any other choice they decide to go. Nerevar decides to question about how to become a follower of a Red Queen (only in order to stall time and find out about the Red Queen and her powers etc). The wood elves are a cult of the Red Queen, so as the sun comes down, the wood elves transform into Red Queen followers (skeletons etc). Nerevar continues to pressure them into talking about the Red Queen and the cult says that they will help him convert if Nerevar surrenders the Princess and the Paladin. Devos sneaks around and kills some skeletons, but ultimately ends up having a group of skeletons chase after him into the woods. The session ends with Eiros and Nervar learning the spell to Shadow Cross and doing so.

Double Trouble

Nerevar talked with Gigi in hopes of getting into the library section of the dark arts. Despite his clever charming self, Gigi doesn’t fall for his acts and makes him fill out piles of paperwork in order to get into the closed off section. Meanwhile, Saelbella is occupied with talking to Tomas about the hiatus. After she finds out the details she needs to know, she hears an uprising in the secretary office….guess who…Nerevar. Nerevar came down to Tomas’ office to not only turn in the paperwork, but to argue WHY there is paperwork in a magical time. After a dispute, Nerevar and Saelbella team up and ask to fight one of the Living Spell Books (LSB) in order to get into the dark arts area. Tomas agrees that if they can fight off an LSB, then they will be allowed into the Dark Arts Section of the Library.
The fight takes place in a dimly lit arena (that’s right, it’s LIT!!!) one book (with a mage hand) versus Saelbella and Nerevar. Nerevar gets almost fatally hit, but Saelbella comes in and saves the day – killing the LSB.

Now onto Devos and Dazen.
Dazen has noticed the chameleons are still locked up in the room, so he instructs the guards to release them, but if they turn around, to kill them all. After this, Dazen goes to Eiros, who has enchantifying powers and his armour got enchanted.
Groot gives a book that he can’t read to Eiros in hopes that he can interpret it for him.
(Side note, Dazen is the temple master)
The group all meets up for dinner and stories are told and then the Bards into Karma Chameleon.

Nerevar tells a story about the midnight dancer:
Saelbella and Dazen and Ami (also Ami is absolutely tiered off Nerevar’s shenanigans) are absolutely scared to death and walk out.

Dazen tells a story about Nerevar’s initiation ritual – dark magic.
We all go to bed.

Nerevar and Devos go out into the forest to do midnight dancer challenge.
~Erik will write what happens~

They come inside, nervous look in eye, tired looking with sap on their clothing.

Saelbella, Eiros, Dazen, and Ami go to the Meese Village at 7am.
The farther away from the temple, the less swampy it becomes. They go to the Meese Village to convert people to Bahamat.
We get to the village, after escorting 67 Meese back to the Village, and they are so thankful.
Saelbella and Dazen get a year’s supply of cheese and continue to persuade the Meese to worship Bahamat. They decide to worship Bahamat, and they build a temple of worship, with help of Dazen and friends.
Ami learns about the culture of the Meese.
Eiros tells the Meese to establish routes in order to get food, stay overnight at the temple, etc as long as they supply food for themselves.

They leave and head back to the temple, where the group decides it is time to move on, and head southward to convert the Southern Dragon Temple back into the fold of Bahamaut. The group says their farewells and heads out.

After a couple hours of travel, the group encounters a swarm of anthropomorphic bees, led by an evil bee spirit named ‘Frank’. The group successfully beats back the bees, and continues to press forward into the sunset, hearing Frank’s cry of vengeance.

Taking a Breather
What Goes On after Capturing a Temple

Link to pic of the happenings here .

[Insert a bunch of stuff about going to the swampy temple, defeating monsters, Saelbella almost dying, the group splitting up, almost getting killed by a dragon, dueling the “Snake in Chains” for possesion of the temple, and logistics of running and establishing a new temple for Bahamat.]

Anyway: Now that the group has a little bit of time while Dazen puts the temple in order, they each wander about the temple according to their own desires. When the temple was changed to Bahamat’s domain, a group of guardian elves who once guarded the temple for another deity materialized in the central chamber. These elves were put into a magical hiatus which suspended them until a deity worthy of their charism retook the temple. Saelbella begins this chapter in discussion with them.

Meanwhile, Dazen visits some prisoners whom the new elven guard found intruding the temple, as well as patrols some unchallenged levels of the temple where soldiers of the Snake in Chains still reside.

Eiros joins Dazen in the effort to “clean up” the temple, but once that is complete, Eiros begins to rifle through the library for texts on enchanting items as well as using gems to power magical items, a side craft he has been examining on his spare time in this adventure. [If any of the other characters come across him, he is arcanically tinkering with a silver necklace and some teal quartz]

Devos, Ami, and Nerevar all head into the library to learn more about their respective crafts: Devos searches for more potion recipes as well as where to find less expensive ingredients for his brews.

Ami looks through maps of their surrounding area, as well as texts that describe the local flora and fauna, and researched Knife throwing.

Nerevar asks the elven librarian about where the section of books on blood magic is. [I rolled a Charisma check for you and you got a five] Nerevar attempts to talk the librarian into letting him enter the restricted section that contains those texts, but the librarian promptly refuses.

Saelbella Joysword Saelbella goes into a gloomy room, with stained glass windows, where four or five elves are working on an unknown object / decoration. “Hello?” she whimpers in her Genovian accent. The elves with puzzled looks indicated toward an elf dressed in finer robes than the others. He approaches and asks:
“Who are you?”
“Hello, again, I’m Saelbella and I am here on a mission with a few of my friends.”
The elf responds and tells the other elves to get back to work. He indicates to have Saelbella followhim. The room he leads them two is fairly bare, containing a desk with some papers and knicknacks and a few chairs dot the room.
“What brings you into the Work Zone?”
“Oh, I was just wandering the halls and I noticed all of you in here…what are you working on?” “We are working on a …hey, I don’t need to tell you. It’s secret stuff. What do you want?”
Saelbella sighs realizing that she’ll have to work to get some answers, unlike at home.
“I was just curious to know about the magical hiatus and the idea behind retaking the temple by someone who is worthy?”
The gruff elf looks at her strangely.
“Ma’am, you’re in the wrong place. We are just working elves who do what we are told. Follow the hall down and to the right where the sign says ‘Arcane Dominae.’ That’s who you need to talk to.”
Saelbella thanks the elf as she heads down the hall to a faintly lit room. She finds the indicated room and knocks.
“Hello? Is the… Arcane Dominae here?”
“Hello, I’m Jeanau,” a voice replies from inside. “How may I help you?”
“I’m looking for the Magic Master?”
“I am not sure. I was sent by the working elves who told me he had information about the magical hiatus.”
“Oh, yes, that’s definitely Tohmas, he was one of the founding elves of our order. I will get him for you.”
Saelbella looks around the room. There are vibrantly colored flasks, some framed maps, and strange leaves on the wall.
“Tomas is ready for you, he’s in the Library Rechercè.”
Saelbella heads to the library which is behind the receptionists desk.
“Oh, hello there” says a wrinkled , old elf with wiry glasses.
“Hi! I’m Saelbella…you are Tohmas?”
“Indeed I am. How can I help you today Miss?”
“My friends and I have come into the temple will remain here for quite some time. I am here to talk about the magical hiatus and retaking the temple by a worthy deity?”
“Oh yes, I was warned you might come down here to talk. Please, sit. Drink some hibice. As my secretary may have informed you, I am one of the first eight of our order, the Octave. I would like to say, it is nice being in the Material Plane again. Say, do you have something to do when you aren’t adventuring?”
Saelbella takes a sip of from the cup he offers her and is greeted with a pleasant taste of raspberries. She replies, “Yes, actually I do. My father is a king of a far away land”
“Please explain.”
“Genovia, King of Genovia. I am his daughter.”
“Ah, I am honored to make your acquaintance. Our order here, founded by the Octave, was a group created to protect this temple. Now, when our order was founded, there were certain deities we swore we would not serve, and due to the Arcane Service Act of Southern Vale, this meant we would be put in a pocket dimension, trapped in time, until some other deity we approved of retook the temple. When the Gale of Swamps happened (which Saelbella knows happened roughly 350 years ago), this temple was taken by the invaders, leading to the worship of the Snake in Chains . When… I, guess your friends? … took over the temple, whomever you worship is approved by our order, so we were restored back to our rightful positions on this plane.”

New Faces Same Shenanigans
A new group begins to form.

Desmond – a cleric – looked out of his carriage window, sighing. He wanted to see something new, something grand. He had been traveling for a few weeks from the Temple of Reh in Gawic and was on his way to Vallerast. The common sight of the tall lush trees of the Elven Lands and the sun glancing off the armor and weapons of the diverse group of mercenaries the church provided to protect the caravan on their way to both find new information about Amidala, the goddess of order and fear, his goddess, or maybe even her temple, as well as moving supplies to Vallerast.
The Elven Lands were very dangerous as they were heavily wooded and the few trade routes were well used as they were by far the quickest form of trade between Vallerast and Gawic and because of this they were a prime target for many bandits trying to make a name for themselves. The bore of the landscape and rhythm of the ride caused the cleric to start drifting off.
He was awoken by the sound of one of the mercenaries, the Lupin, screaming, and “AMBUSH!” followed by the sound of arrows clinking into armor and shields with a few trailing off mark and thumping into the ground and caravan. The cleric stepped outside and began to fight along the Lupin, Hannibal, and some others by volleying fireballs back at the archers in the trees as the Hannibal staves off melee attacks. However, when the cleric realized only himself and Hannibal are told to surrender, Hannibal refuses but the cleric instantly raises his hands and offers to appease Hannibal by saying he will pay him to do so. He agrees, and learn that the tiger-like Rakasta wielding dual rapiers to be Ruja and the leader of the guild who had been shooting from the forest to be a wood-elf named Riew.
Riew was cracking jokes at the cleric and his religious views while Ruja stood by his side with a stoic face taking in the two survivors. However the bandits don’t get a chance to go through their loot as two Meese come out of the forest asking for the bandits help and warning them of the chameleons following them. They tie the cleric up as bait and wait to ambush the chameleons. Only one bandit was injured in the attack, Eseotrot the tortoise-like Tortle, and so they hid him in a tree. The three wood elves—Riew, Leonard, and Igor—take to the trees to snipe, and Frodreck the nymph and Noctac the squirrel-like Kercpa joined Borris the bear-like Bjornin and Ruja on the ground.

The cleric becomes anxious listening to the creaking wheel of the tipped over carriage. He summons his sacred flame when he hears movement in the woods, freeing his hands from the rope. As the first chameleon submerges out of the woods, Riew whistles for his fellow archers to let loose and the three wood elves along with Ruja on the ground let their arrows loose on the closest chameleon who drops immediately. The next one in line spots Ruja and aims an arrow at him but it whistles over his head. As the rest of the chameleons step out of the trees Desmond shoots his sacred fire at one striking him in the abdomen. Riew and Ruja take another down. Igor jumps down from his tree to join Frodreck in taking on two of the chameleons after one knock Frodreck’s two-handed ax out of his grip and knocking him down. Desmond kills the Chameleon who stole it with sacred fire. One chameleon misses Ruja with his sacred fire as he makes his way over to flank the remaining chameleon in the melee battle and runs it through with his rapier killing it leaving five chameleons left alive. As Riew aims for another chameleon the tree he is standing on starts to shake making him miss his target but he is still able to dodge the incoming a sacred flame and a tongue. The tree human who explained as quickly as she could to Riew that she’s a humanoid tree who was raised to be an assassin but would like to help fend off the chameleons. Hannibal shoots the one that tried to grab Riew with its tongue, killing it. Another uses its tongue to take hold of Ruja’s fighting arm and disarms his rapier. Hannibal dodges an incoming sacred fire and releases the remaining bonds on Desmond. Desmond then hits the chameleon fighting Noctac, but doesn’t kill it. Ruja turns around smacking one with his claws, killing it before it even hit the ground. Sprout whips one of the remaining chameleons with her poison vines and Riew finishes it off with an arrow through the throat. Hannibal finishes off the one Noctac is fighting leaving one left. It starts to run away, Ruja nicks it in the shoulder with an arrow, and Riew and Desmond can’t see it so it seems to have escaped, but Hannibal drops his weapons and sprints on all fours tackling the final chameleon while simultaneously ripping its jugular out.

While rifting through the loot Riew picks up a sword with green veins, Hannibal finds an ornate sword, and Ruja gains another rapier. Desmond found ritual components worth fifty gold and two healing potions, the rest added five silver coins to their purses—or man-bags whichever you prefer—, and Sprout picked up twin daggers. The bandits discover the crates of skulka that was in the carriage, and salvage what they can from the burning wreck. Riew begrudgingly allows Sprout and Hannibal, begrudgingly, to join the Razor Winds.

The Meese step out of their hiding spots and ask if the Razor Winds and Desmond would like to spend the night in their village. On the way to the village Desmond inquires the Meese if they know of any temples nearby. They give each other a look of what appears to be fear, and respond saying that there is one in the swamp near where the chameleons live. The rest of the trip is spent with Ruja and Riew poking fun of the cleric and his religion. Once they arrive, at 2 in the morning, in the Meese’s village known as Chissend. Desmond and the Razor Winds, excluding their newest recruits, head straight for the local bar named, “The Bubbly Squeaker.” The bar is closed upon arrival but Riew the bar tender, Harold, well so he lets them in. Riew then orders a drink called “snapdragon” and convinces the cleric do order one as well. Riew is slightly drunk and is definitely a happy drunk going around hugging people but Desmond is a lightweight and the snapdragon does him in in seconds causing him to spew nonsense and his dinner then faint. Ruja and the rest of the present Razor Winds order firecrackers and get buzzed.
A high-elf that Riew knew as Galimond Tarisarn walks in half joking half threatening that he’ll arrest Riew if he doesn’t buy him a drink. Riew smiles and gets him a cheesky. Riew is thrown off when Galimond tells him that his old pal Eiros was in town. Galimond only says a few more words hinting they went to attack something before he passed out. Riew and his second in command, Ruja, proceed to tie Galimond’s wasted self to a tree in the middle of the woods with a note saying, “Now you’re a really HIGH elf,” and the two stumble back cheering, “Huura, huura…” During this time Hannibal hunts down four rabbits and Sprout goes to sleep.

In the morning Desmond wakes up to find himself on a table with burns and bruises and his precious hat missing to which Harold explains were the result of the crackle game Riew and Ruja played on him the previous night. Riew and Ruja wake up to Igor knocking on their door telling them Reginald, the Meese’s leader wishes to speak with them. Harold offers Desmond the knowledge of what crackle is and where his hat is for the right price but Desmond refuses. As Desmond searches in a stupor he finds two Meese children throwing it back and forth like a Frisbee. As Desmond struggles towards them a raven dives down and swipes it out of the air. Desmond then finds Borris and starts asking him where his hat is when he realizes Borris is too hungover to give an answer. Riew spends twenty minutes searching around the room trying to find his pants when Ruja wakes up to discover they were underneath him. A raven with a hat in its beak lands on the windowsill and Riew says, “Good job, Hrafan,” thanking his pet and taking the hat. When Ruja and Riew arrive in front of Reginald looking disheveled inquires if they would be interested in joining them and other adventurers in storming a temple in return for rewards. Reginald is unable to continue as some banging and yelling is heard outside the hall. Riew quickly hands Reginald Desmond’s hat as Desmond himself comes into the room. Desmond begins chewing Reginald out for stealing his hat and can just grab it as the guards take him away. Reginald is curious about what was going on and Riew trades knowledge for knowledge. Reginald tells them that there are more than just chameleons in the temple, families have been taken, and there have been increasing reports of blood magic. Inn return Riew tells the old mouse about crackle and stealing the cleric’s hat. Ruja goes to ask the men if they think attacking is worth it and they are all for it, while Riew pulls Frodreck aside and while talking with him about local blood magic reports Desmond interrupts, apparently having been let go—hopefully—, saying he’s heard about these rituals bringing things from other dimensions. Riew tells Reginald they are in. In return gives Riew a stone that glows when chameleons are near, Ruja received a fire breathing potion, and everyone else gets two healing potions and one poison resistance potion.

The Razor Winds, Desmond, and three Meese sentries then traveled to the swamp where we see a circular temple. Ruja asks Desmond what it is to which Desmond responds by jumping up and down in the mud as best he can barely keeping himself from screaming that this is the place he’s been looking for. Desmond begins spouting off he was always put down by those who thought it was only a legend, but he always believed in Ms. Dalda Stonewall’s research. The Meese, Hannibal, and Sprout go scout ahead and find no guards or traps. Ruja, Desmond, and Riew climb the wall with ease but Hannibal falls when he tries but is caught by Sprout who then attempts to climb with Hanniball but finds she will only be able to climb by herself, and so Hannibal waits with the Meese and the rest of the Razor Winds outside. Those who climbed up continued through an archway into the pitch black castle hallway. Sprout lit up the hallway like it was 4/20 with dim red lights. They go back to the main door to let Hannibal in. Then they continue to a door where Hannibal says he hears loud squishy sounds and senses a horrible smell. The cleric doesn’t sense anything magical on the other side. Sprout smashed through the door and sees three 15 foot leech like animals. She rushes in with her great sword and knife attacking the nearest leech. Hannibal leaps in slashing with his great sword and biting the same leech Sprout attacked killing it but revolting by the taste. Ruja enters the room dodging a lunge from leach #2 and Riew hops on Sprout to get a vantage point. Desmond and Hannibal also attack leech #2, Desmond with a guiding bolt and Hannibal with his sword and jaws, and his hurt in the process by the acid like blood. Sprout attacks leech #3 and narrowly dodges its counter-attack. Ruja pierces leech #2 with his dual rapiers after it attacks and sticks onto Hannibal, while Riew shoots at the other leech. Desmond and Sprout finish off the two remaining leeches with a guided bolt and knife respectively.

Bad Decisions?
Chamelleon Castle

Well, let’s start with the theme of last night’s DnD session:
Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Karma Who?
Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon…..
but…the DM and chameleon both agree that we need to focus more on the game :P

Any who, where were we, oh yes:

Dazen, Eiros, and Groot: are at the mice’s fortress and go off to find the nutrients needed to make cheese, they learn how with the help of the mice.

Ami, Nerevar, and Saelbella: Nerevar is given a map from the head mouseman showing where the chamelleon’s castle is located (little back story: the mice defended the group from being attacked by the chamelleons and in return, Ami, Nerevar, and Saelbella are preparing to defeat the chameleons at Chamelleon’s Castle). The three take off without telling Dazen, Eiros, and Groot, but the head mouseman knows where they are headed. The three travel for a while on horseback before it becomes to swampy and dark (they have night vision though) and they disembark their horses and tie them up for the night. They continue to walk until the swamp becomes thick and there are 2 mysterious creatures lingering in the distance. Nerevar and Ami think it is the safest if they stay together and ignore the creatures, but Saelbella thinks the mysterious creatures might lead them to the castle in a quicker and safer way. Both Nerevar and Saelbella do not believe and are skeptical of the mice, and think that the mice be setting them up for a trap, Saelbella is more skeptical than Nerevar. Because of this skepticism, Saelbella (the rogue she is) decides that going one way (following the creatures) is better than going the other way. Despite desperate pleas from the group, Saelbella decides to run off by herself until she comes upon a hill, right next to the creatures where she tries to over hear what they are talking about. Nerevar and Ami are still in the distance because it is their job to protect Saelbella, they whisper/scream loud enough for Saelbella to hear to come back, but the creatures realize there is someone on the hill and Saelbella gets “frozen with fear” (can’t look them in the eye). Ami and Nerevar give up and decide that they don’t want to get killed either so they head in the opposite direction, still following the map. The rock monsters (the mysterious creatures) don’t spot Saelbella directly, so they look away from the hill. Saelbella realizes she has no choice but to confront the monsters to see if they know where Chameleon’s castle is. Saelbella stands strong and in a commanding voice relays the information that she is princess of genovia and that she demands to be taken to the Chameleon’s Castle in order for a peace meeting with the King Chameleon on Behalf of Genovia. She thinks that this charms them, because they decide to lead her to the castle, but when they get there, it seems as if the rock monsters have trapped her because they wail for the chameleons to come capture her. She runs and hides and decides (again, poor decision) that hiding in the castle is better than hiding in the wide open. Using her athletic abilities, she climbs up the castle wall past 2 guards after using the sleep charm. Meanwhile, Ami and Nerevar are hiding in the swampy woods watching all this happen.

Dazen, Eiros, and Groot: Finish making the cheese and decide to find the other three (they ask King Mice where they went) and they journey out into the swampy woods. Not even part way through, they meet up with the rock monsters and fight them until they are deteriorated.

Purple Dragon

Ami, Saelbella, Dazen, and Eiros wake up in a chrome encrusted building with a small purple dragon staring straight at them. While they are adjusting their eyes, the purple dragon asks them if they want something to eat – provides them with oatmeal and pizza (with a vegetable we are not sure of). The castle is no where near the burnt down town. The purple dragon brings them to the wizard and the king and they are told that “this is where the God’s live.” The wizard and Bahamat talk about the terms in order to discuss magic. King discusses how people have been attacking his kingdom and how he can help bc it’s probably the same person who destroyed his kingdom. King wants to be of assistance to the town. Ami summarizes their journey. Dragon King’s sister is a 5 headed dragon who is the evil force behind the destruction of the city etc… her people were trying to make a portal (the town) for her to come through. Anyways, since Dazen is dragon blood, he wants to join the force w/ King. King offers to turn Dazen into an entirely chrome dragon…King would entrust all his powers into Dazen. Dazen takes this deal – he is a now a shiny silvery dragon. He is going to negotiate between Draconic and mortals, protect the weak, etc.


Saelbella speaks up that she has money and can provide the financial aspect to their journey. They have to visit 2 temples in order to restore Montooth to his powers. 2 temples: Elven Temple and Southern Dragon Temple (we’ll need a ship for that one).

They are on the first journey to the Elven Temple to find Paladin (dragon born, bishops of short mat) which will increase the belief rate in Bahamat to his powers can increase. His belief rate went down because more people are believing in evil.

They go to the town hall to talk to the people. The people are curious to know (the town is all put back together now). Ami and Nerevar embellish the truth, but tell the townspeople what happened.

Eiros and Devos are guiding the townspeople build the temple to worship Bahamut.

Now they all went into the forest (Eiros has the map)

Eiros and Dazen use their magicks and breath respectively to make an ice raft- an idea that Saelbella thinks will fail drastically, but actually succeeds quite well.

They use Nirva as to help paddle. They row across the river and there are all these little fish following the raft, but in shallow waters they disappear. They have sharp teeth and gnaw at the raft.

Everyone makes it over safely and they head back into the woods to find the temple. Soon, chameleons in the trees change colors drop to the ground and point bow and arrows at them. They trade a dragon’s claw for passage and safety.

As they walk through, Groot explains that we need to turn and attack them (because the mice told him to _) so the 3 attack! The group ends up taking out all of the chameleaan escorts and the session ends by seeing the mousen allies emerge from the shrubbery…

The Burnt Town
Shadow Magics...

An Eerie Town of Shadows…

Ami, Devos, Dazen left to go to the burnt down town. After traveling for about an hour, the three crest over a hill and see a whole charred city in the valley below. Realizing this is the rumored place they were searching for, the three proceed to enter the town. Upon entering, the sky turned a deep purple and the sun a soft dark white (almost like the moon) when they walked in. Certainly deeply disturbed, but nonetheless motivated, the three continue forward. After another 10 minutes of travel into the town, a cold wind suddenly saps Devos’ strength. The group realizes they are being attacked by a band of shadowy figures. Ami disintegrates 3 shadows with bow, calling upon angels to power her arrows and Dazen kills the other one.

Realizing this town is quite eerie, the group takes a short break in one of the abandoned houses. Ami realizes the outside image of the charred town was an illusion, and that some power here must be causing that illusion. The three keep moving towards the central point of the town – a tower that is wide at the base, then gently slopes upwards towards a small point at the top. When they get closer to the tower, they realize that guards are standing in front of the entrance. Dazen slowly approached the guard and tries to negotiate passage in, but he fails and after a brief fight, 4 guards and 2 mages are dead. Ami hears Saelbella cry out and rushes up to the top of the tower to save her, shooting a couple mages through the head with her arrows on the way up. Ami finds Saelbella and they talk a little before heading down the stairs

Meanwhile, Dazen travels around the base of the tower and finds a mysterious central room with a large red ruby which is emitting the strange red light that seems to encircle the town in a dome. He kills a mage that is attempting to sacrifice a girl to the ruby, and upon questioning her and some other villagers in the room, he realizes these people are being sacrificed to power this crystal. Dazen talks to the girl he found and he finds out that the “people” that took over the town have been sacrificing the townspeople and locking them up in basements. When the others meet up with him, Ami realizes this place is a gate between the Shadowfell and the natural/material world, and these mages are trying to get something through.

Saving a Village

The group realizes they need to get the villagers out of the town before things get worse. Devos and Saelbella proceed to enter one of the houses with some villagers and defeat some shadows which were guarding the people. Dazen leaps through a second story window and realizes he must confront a Mage Master who is trying to bring two children into his cult. Dazen is almost defeated by the mage, but with Saelbella and Ami’s assistance, he knocks the cultist out. Saelbella calms the two kids down and learns that their names are Ivor and Dorn. Things seem to become a little less eerie and more calm after the mage master is defeated. Saebella plays with the villagers and helps them stay calm while Devos and Ami check out the crystal some more.

After a short time, Dazen sees two horsemen approaching and realize that it is Eiros and Nerevar. Quickly, Eiros informs them of what happened to him.

A Little Late

Nerevar really wanted to get his hands on some skulka root while in Farnbia (the Northern Farbo Fort), so he found a quartermaster in the town who had some, tried haggling for a price. The QM tells him he needs a favor done, which is to entertain his younger sister with the stories of an elf. After about a half hour of storytime, Eiros bursts in and the following conversation ensues:
Eiros: “Sir, I will pay for whatever. If what I think is happening is happening, our friends are in grave danger… my actions were due to an ancient magic I have not encountered in a long long time… “ as they rush out the door “So somehow I was enchanted, it must have been through the alcohol, or I was put in a weakened state, but that is why I was unable to warn you earlier, but this magic is clearly what stole Saelbella. The only reason I recover was because I guess milk reversed the magic in me” “This might sound weird, but if I am correct, they may not be on our plane anymore”
Nerevar: “What do you mean?”
Eiros: “So basically there is the material world we live in, a FeyWild which is basically the parallel plane which provides all of our life energies, and a shadow fell with balances with nonlife energies. Normally, only specific points of inter planar lines should allow for travel between the two, but clearly something is happening which it shouldn’t”
Nerevar: ""Fine I’ll go. But what’s this about?"
Eiros: “Come on, I’ll explain more on the way…”

Closing a Door and Opening Another

Upon their arrival in the town, Eiros and Nerevar immediately ask to head to the source of the red magical power, escorted by Devos, Dazen, and Ami. Upon arrival to the chamber, Eiros realizes that much more than shadows can travel through this place, and that something really big must be attempting to pass through. Nerevar realizes that it is a blood magical portal, similar to the ones used in the Underdark, and that with his knowledge and that of which they found on the dead mages, they can attempt to divert or close the passage. Dazen runs off to grab the Mage Master which he just knocked unconscious to use for the ritual. Once Dazen re-enters the courtyard of the tower with the body, a large black thunderbolt strikes right in front of the tower and a shadowy knight appears. Dazen realiezes he wears none other than the helmet of Sir Johnny.

A fight ensues, and Eiros, hearing the commotion, runs out to the entrance and warns everyone there that this is not Sir Johnny as we know him, but the Lord of Baldoc using him in order to gain passage to the Material Plane. Dazen valiantly maneuvers past the evil figure, tossing the body of the mage into the tower further, allowing Devos to carry it the rest of the way, and fights with the dark swordsman, preventing him from entering the tower, but almost succumbs to his power. Meanwhile, Nerevar is using his life force from preventing the portal from stabilizing completely, so him and Eiros can complete the ritual. When Devos arrives with the body, the two begin the ritual. Meanwhile, the Lord Bal-Johhny ascends in his magic and attempts to kill Dazen with his shadow magic, when Amie writes the holy symbol of Bahamut on the tower wall above Dazen, and the dragonborn cries out to above. By invoking the platinum whilst fighting the greatest enemy of all metallic dragons, Bahamut realizes he must use his divinity and channel himself through Dazen to defeat the newly transformed Red Dragoness Bal-Johnny. Coincidentally, when Nerevar bring his sword down into the heart of the mage master to complete the closing ritual, Dazenamut throws RDB-Johnny to the ground, and the combined powers of the two create a giant arcanic explosion that rocks the earth and every player is knocked out by the mightiness of the explosion… ascending into darkness…


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