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  • List of Races

    There races are found commonly throughout Cenaria: * [[Human (Race)|Humans]] * [[Elf (Race)(General)|Elves]] * [[Dwarf (Race)|Dwarves]] * [[Halfling (Race)|Halflings]] * [[Orc (Race)(General)|Orcs]] * [[Kobold (Race)|Kobolds]] * [[Goliath (Race)| …

  • Ami Lionello

    A long time ago an army of kobolds attacked my farm village. My brother and I had to defend our town and care for the townspeople while we were still working.

  • King Garret

    As one of the greatest rulers that Cenaria's has seen, King Garett is well loved by his people. One of his greatest accomplishments has been to restore relationship with [[Kingdom of Azof | Kingdom of Azof]], as well as leading his kingdom Ina golden age. …

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