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  • Heading to the Southern Island

    The chapter begins with the group riding in to the northern [[Farnbo Forts | Farnbo Fort]], Farnbie - there is still just the right amount of day time left for the group to check out the town and to find an inn to spend the night at. The first thing …

  • Eiros Tasiarn

    Eiros' current job is as an advisor to [[:king-garret | King Garret]], though most do not know when he began his career. He simply appeared as an advisor to the king one day, unquestioned. When not working in his political position, Eiros spends his time …

  • Ami Lionello

    A long time ago an army of kobolds attacked my farm village. My brother and I had to defend our town and care for the townspeople while we were still working.

  • Saelbella Joysword

    h4. Personality Traits * Noble - despite my noble nature, I do not place myself among the common folk. WE all have the same blood * Independence - I need to prove myself * Bonds - I am in love with Sir Johnny, even though his family and mine do not get …

  • Davos Oak

    A monastic healer who joins the party and claims he has the cure to a great disease, though he is hesitant to reveal what the cure is.

  • Dazen

    Cast out by his clan for turning away from their evil practices, he spent many years wandering the world and helping those he could. He found the group while lost in a Kobold cave, then helped them to achieve their current quest. Dazen became the newest …

  • Nerevar Morto

    Nerevar first joins the party upon meeting [[:ami-lionello | Ami]] and [[:saelbella-joysword | Saelbella]] in the dwarven mines under the Frozen Dragon's lair. He simply states he had been wandering for some time and he has a feud with the dragon.

  • Riew

    There are 10 million million million particles in the universe that we can observe, his momma took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd. Thus Riew was born to be the laziest σκατά πρόσωπο to ever walk this Earth.

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