Badger Lord (Race)

“This is not your fight. This one was written long ago on the wall behind my father. It must be.” – Boar the Fighter, Mossflower

Physical Description

Badger Lords are hulking versions of ordinary badgers. They stand about twice the height of a man, with huge strength and stamina.They are natural warriors and smiths.


Badger Lords emerged from the Feywild years ago, and in that time they have spread across the world, seeking out caverns and mountains within which to practice their forgecraft.


Badger Lords live in small family groups, most often a mated pair of male and female, one or two elders and a child. They almost never join forces with other families, even in battle – a family of Badgers can defeat and rout whole armies. Within the family, however, they have strong bonds – they will slay thousands to protect a singe family member. When two families or more do meet, such as when one finds new territory near another, they tend to slowly join together. The exception is when young females of one family are cast into the wild at their thirtieth birthday, to find a mate in another family. Families often attempt to fulfil the prophecies scratched by their founders into the walls of their dwellings.


Badgers are often named after weapons, metals, ferocious animals or their homeland
Male: Boar, Tiger, Wolf, Sunflash, Greattree
Female: Silvermace, Goldenaxe, Gem, Bronzeflail, Mooncave

Badger Lord (Race)

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