Farnbo Forts

Farbie, the Northern Farnbo Fort:

This town is centered around the town’s fortified center which is occupied by the group controlling the town and their soldiers. Outside of the central fort are several smaller walls built at different times, offering some defense to the inner part of the town. The townspeople live in the outer wall area or outside those walls. The fort is the northernmost point along the border between Vallerast and the Elven lands, overlooking the river dividing the two.

Total population: 2759
Humans: 2456
Elves: 55
Half-elves: 221
Dwarves: 28
Total guard: 14
In addition, 34 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Town , and are overseen by 1 ordained priests.

Services in this Town :
Inns: 2
Taverns: 7
Blacksmiths: 5
Healers: 2
Weaponsmiths: 1
Armorers: 1
Bowyers: 2
Magic Shops: 1 *
Merchants: 2
Leatherworkers: 5
Tailors: 8
Jewelers: 1
Cobblers: 8
Fishmongers: 2
Farriers: 1
Carpenters: 6
Masons: 4

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