Formicid (Race)

Physical Description

Formicid’s are a race of ant-people that are strong and hard working. This combined with their extra sets of are and natural hardiness make them the first choice for slavers.


A race as old a civilization itself. The Formicids have since been enslaved and attacked many times. This has resulted in them becoming skilled warriors and artisans. They prefer heavy armor and large weapons. Although, there have been several Formicid assassins.


Formicid society is similar to that of an ant colony. They have a God-queen in every hive. Every Formicid in the hive worships the God-queen. This is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation from when their species branched off from normal ants. This is believed to be when male ants became workers and soldiers as well as the females.

Formicid Names

Male: Thitter’chap, Theo’cleth, Skitter’thep
Female: Skitter’eths, Skitter’eleth, Cheoc’lath

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Formicid (Race)

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