Kingdom of Azof

Physical Area
The Kingdom of Azof covers an area of 3750 square miles (Slightly smaller than Connecticut). Of this, 60% (2255 sq. miles) is arable land, and 39% (1494 sq. miles) is wilderness.

The Kingdom of Azof has a total population of 375 thousand people.

The capital city, Kenmore has a population of 9185 people, the second largest, Stanmore has 5511 people.
There are no other cities of note in the kingdom, and 18 towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.

The Kingdom of Azof has 7 active castles and 0 ruined. Of these, 6 castles and 0 ruined are in civilized lands, and 1 castles and 0 ruined are in the wilderness, along borders, etc.

The People of Azof have long been allied with the kingdom of Genovia, the last 300 years or so, but before then, AZOF was a part of Genovia, but due to civil strife over the rules of magic, Azof decided to break away and form their own govenment. In both Genovia and Azof, the countries are split on whether or not they should reunite.
The Queen of Azof is Lucina, the Guiding Light of Azof. She has no heirs to the throne, but is only 30~ so she has many more years to rule.

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Kingdom of Azof

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