Kingdom of Genovia

Physical Area
The Kingdom of Genovia covers an area of 13 thousand square miles (Between the size of Belgium and Switzerland). bb166.jpgOf this, 54% (7048 sq. miles) is arable land, and 45% (5951 sq. miles) is wilderness.

The Kingdom of Genovia has a total population of 1 million people.
The largest city has a population of 14 thousand people, the second largest 2855. There are no other cities of note in the kingdom, and 32 towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.

The Kingdom of Genovia has 20 active castles and 4 ruined. tuscan-castle-2.jpg Of these, 12 castles and 4 ruined are in civilized lands, and 8 castles and 0 ruined are in the wilderness, along borders, etc.

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Kingdom of Genovia

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