Kobold (Race)

Physical Description

Kobold are small reptilian humanoids that are distantly related to dragons. They range from 2’ to 2’6" tall and weigh between 20-30 pounds. Their heads are similar in shape to crocodiles and the scales on their bodies are smooth. The color of their scales range from rusty brown to reds, though occasionally a different color of scales can occur. Their eyes are usually a shade of red and glows. They have tiny horns on their head that are normally an ivory white color. Kobolds shed their skin once a season and are meticulous in hygiene when it comes to their claws, horns, and teeth. If they lose a tooth it can grow back over a short period of time.
Kobolds are omnivores that aren’t too picky with what they eat, allowing them, when desperate, to eat things like dirt, egg shells, bark, and even their siblings if desperate enough.


Kobolds favor caves and underground dungeons and live in tribes regardless of if they serve a dragon or not. Because of their short life expectancy, the tribe is of greater importance than the individual most times, that isn’t to say they have no self preservation, but rather survival is the primary goal of a kobold tribe. This leads to their tendency for a lawful alignment because they have to work together to survive, or they’re under the rule of a dragon for survival. Kobolds often share plans and goals with each other so that everyone can pitch in, general plans become common knowledge and the specifics of complicated plans will be told to those who ask. Because much of their efforts are in survival, academics are ignored in favor of trap making, mining, fighting, and rarely sorcery.

Kobold Names

Kobold names tend to have a few rules. These rules are simultaneously flexible in that they can override each other, and rigid in that it is unheard of a kobold name to be outside of these rules unless raised outside of a tribe or in honor of a great hero (or basically an adventurer that has shown their parent mercy and didn’t kill them). The first rule, is that Kobold names tend to be used with Draconic and as such tend to be Draconic words, dragon names, or use hard consonants and sibilants. Kobold names tend to be simple, even if they have a long name each name or syllable in the sequence is simple. Kobold names tend to be at most 2 syllables, rarely reaching 3, usually 2 repeating syllables. These syllables tend to be 2-3 letters long. Kobolds don’t usually have last or family names. The tribe is family and kobolds rarely if ever travel outside of their tribes, thus there is no need for last names.
Male: Arvarax, Dakdak, Harroc, Tonash, PikPik, TokTok
Female: Dara, Darsix, Fanol, KreKre, Sizzix, Vivira

Kobold (Race)

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