The town of Minarmia covers an area of approximately 47 acres, with a total population of 3255 people.

Battle of Minarmia

The current duke of Minarmia is administrated by the father of Amie & Johhny. Originally, the father was a regular blacksmith for the town, but when a raiding band of orcs who had come north from the mountains attempted to take over the town, the father valiantly lead the defense after the assassination of the duke. Johhny and Amie were about ten and seven at the time, so they could do little other than assist fellow townspeople by running errands, gathering supplies, etc. Though the battle ravaged the town, the townspeople lead by the father successfully beat back the attacks and drove them back into the mountains. The Genovia Royal Army assisted in the fight once they arrived, and helped with the final push against the orcs. Against King Garret’s wishes, the people of Minarmia chose the father as the next leader of the town. Since the duke left no blood heirs, and King Garett did not want a rebellion, he agreed with the townspeople on the condition he would appoint the next magistrate to lead Minarmia.

Citizens by Trade

Bakers 3 Chandlers 2 Hay Merchants 2 Pastrycooks 5 Tailors 17
Barbers 9 Chicken Butchers 3 Illuminators 0 Plasterers 4 Tanners 2
Bathers 2 Coopers 1 Inns 1 Pursemakers 1 Taverns 6
Beer-sellers 3 Copyists 2 Jewelers 8 Roofers 1 Watercarriers 5
Blacksmiths 1 Cutlers 1 Locksmiths 3 Ropemakers 2 Weavers 5
Bleachers 2 Doctors 1 Magic Shops 2 Rugmakers 1 Wine-sellers 2
Bookbinders 4 Fishmongers 3 Maidservants 17 Saddlers 4 Woodcarvers 1
Booksellers 1 Furriers 8 Masons 7 Scabbardmakers 5 Woodsellers 1
Buckle Makers 5 Glovemakers 1 Mercers 4 Sculptors 1
Butchers 5 Harness-makers 2 Old Clothes 6 Shoemakers 27
Carpenters 4 Hatmakers 3 Painters 1 Spice Merchants 4


The town has 10 noble houses. The peace is kept by 28 guardsmen, and there are 5 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 93 clergymen and 1 priests.

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