Dragons of Genovia

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 2)

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 2)

After defeating a band of bandits, the group arrives at the city of Cabel and is greeted by the local duke: Grizzwald. He acknowledges that his son, Sir Dèvon, does not wish to marry Amie anymore.
As needed to head south towards the mountain cave of the Silver Dragon, the group travels along the riverway flowing from Lake Sian.
That night in a tavern, Saelbella has a rough standoff with a mysterious stranger with a trident emblem on his chest. After the fight is broken up, the company retires for the night.
In the morning, they are met by an old man who questions them about their adventures, and while Saelbella almost gives their quest away, Eiros shushes her as to not reveal any secrets about the quest.

The group continues to head south since the tavern villiage, Paneria was the midpoint between Cabel and Lake Sian. Upon walking through a lightly forested grassland, the group encounters a red-armored warrior with two guards who have scorpion emblems. Saelbella and Sir Johhny try to sneak up behind them, but fail, causing one of the guards to come investigate. Saelbella silently kills the one guard after accidentally falling out of a tree. Saelbella dresses into the guard’s armor, and tries to infiltrate information from the Red Warrior, but she fails to disguise her voice well enough. The Red Warrior notices this and proceeds to knock of Saelbella’s helmet revealing the truth.
A battle ensues, but the company prevails, managing to knock the Red Warrior unconscious and tying up both of their enemies to a tree.
The chapter ends with the company deciding what to ask their newfound captives as night falls.


What does trident emblem represent?

(FieryCharizard – It might show up again…)

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 2)
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