Dragons of Genovia

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 1)

All of the intro stuff since I am not sure what was in which session

The plot begins in Genovia, the northernmost kingdom of the land of Cenaria. King Garrett is the ruler and his daughter is Saelbella. Sir Devon comes from the local town over and wishes to marry Amie, the daughter of one of Garett’s dukes, the Duke of Minarmia. However, Saelbella also wishes to marry Sir Johhny, Amie’s brother. As to have everyone get a chance to know each other, King Garett sends the group on a goodwill trip to Fort Triel, one of the defensive holds guarding against the evils of the Woods of Abondòn. King Garett sends along with Sir Lancelot, a knight from another kingdom with a dragon on his armor, and Sir Jayko, a great knight of Genovia. .

The group heads to Fort Triel on a goodwill mission, to visit with the local troops and boost morale. Upon arrival, the local duke tells the company that several villagers have disappeared there simply are not enough men to attempt to find the villagers. The group agrees and proceeds to head out into the Woods of Abandon to find the missing. Sir Lancelot and Sir Jakyo end up heading in one direction, and Saelbella, Eiros, Amie, and Johnny in another.

Middday of walking through the Woods of Abandon, the group proceeds to find a cave and has a strange premonition to enter.

The group enters the cave and after 15 minutes of downward tunnels, comes to a larger room with three branches. The group proceeds to enter the leftmost branch and eventually comes across three draconic words inscribed in the wall: “Exile, Metal, Beast.” Further along, they reach a another larger cavern where a table is set with food and an old man sitting at the table. The old man beckons the group to join to eat, and when they sit down, two skeletons appear and the door slams closed. The group engages in a fight, the old man wielding magic. The group wins, but Eiros is nearly knocked unconscious. The group becomes trapped in the room, but Saelbella finds a mysterious bottle, and after drinking out of it, learns that she can teleport anywhere. She teleports out to the door to find an Elven inscription. It states that only the blood of Eèiore, the Great Elven King, can open the door. Saelbella cuts her hand and proceeds to attempt to open the door and is successful.

The group returns to the first chamber, learning 2 days had passed, and Johhny proceeds to tell the group that he found something in one of the other caves.

Finding a great golden dragon in the cave Johhny shows them, Saelbella proceeds to approach it and a mysterious shimmering golden warrior appears. He begins speaking in Draconic, a language only Eiros understands. The golden dragon is Montooth. His treasure horde is filled with ancient artifacts and magical items, rather than the usual golden mound of gems and gold like a usual dragon. He proceeds to tell Saelbella that she is the heir of Eèiore, the great Elven King of ages past. Montooth and Eèorie were great friends and together, they first stopped the Lord of Baldoc from taking over Cenaria. Afterwards, the LO-Baldoc’s greatest wizard, The Great Dragon Mage, proceeded to revive his master by killing Montooth and stealing his Dragon Essence. This plan ultimately failed, as Eèoire came to Montooth’s aid, entombing the Dragon Mage in a cavern cell controlled by Montooth. However, Montooth had to imbue his essence into the cave, and with the combined power of Montooth and Eèiore, the Dragon Mage was sealed away.

When Saelbella used her blood to open the door of the Dragon Mage’s tomb, they allowed his spirit to escape, but not his body and since Amie has the Dragon Mage’s hat, the mage cannot restore his power until he gets the hat back. “The Silver Dragon will also be able to guard the Dragon Mage’s hat,” Montooth commanded.

Montooth instructs the group to find the Silver Dragon, whose lair is in the southern Vallonde Mountain range, in order to learn how to restore the essence of Montooth, safeguard the Dragon Mage’s hat, and help figure out how to re-imprison the Dragon Mage.

Montooth also gives the group gifts, the greatest of these being the Ring of Eèiore. This allows Saelbella to communicate with the living mind of Eèiore, who can give her advice in times of need. Is it also able to know when other Elves are around, but only if Saelbella activates the power. Finally, the ring has other mysterious powers beyond Saelbella’s knowledge that will come to her over time. The group thanks Montooth and proceeds to head back to Fort Triel and go to the Silver Dragon.

Upon returning to Fort Triel, the group learns that the other group of Sir Jakyo and Lancelot found the missing villagers, who were all wandering aimlessly throughout the Woods of Abondon. The group proceeds to Genovia.

In Genovia, Saelbella learns for the first time that she is not actually the blood daughter of King Garett, but adopted. Her father was one of King Garett’s greatest knights but died on an adventure (which the king did not revea the details). Her mother was an exile from the Elven Lands, though the reason why is unknown. King Garett tells Saelbella that she is still considered the heir to the throne and a true daughter of Genovia, a secret to be shared only be them and the company.

The group sets out from Genovia to head out and find the Silver Dragon. They stop in Minarmia to resupply for the trip and to say goodbye to the father of Amie and Johhny.

Along the way the group is attacked by bandits, but successfully fends them off.


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Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 1)
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