Dragons of Genovia

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 3)

Of kidnappings and finding a new friend

The Interrogation & Capture

The scene opens on the 4 adventurers interrogating their two new Gawician prisoners. Though intimidation fails, the group manages to bargain and exchange information on destination for freedom. The two comply and say they are headed to Vallonde in order to begin trade talks so that Gawic can receive more food in exchange for other resources. Saelbella gets mad because she wants to kill them for not complying, but she leaves the group when they won’t follow her commands.

After setting them free, the Gawicians decide to travel through the night to the previous town the company had stayed at. Not wanting to move for the night since the group had a decent campsite, the group decides to settle down there for the night. Eiros agrees to take the first watch and the group falls asleep.

Saelbella wakes up in the middle of the night to a rustling in the trees, and when she looks around the campsite, she sees Eiros is missing. Believing he might have wandered off, she treks into the woods to find him. After a minute, she gets hit in the shoulder with an arrow. Whipping around, she sees a 3 foot lizard creature with a bow loading another arrow. Thuck! Another arrow pierces her and realizing she is under attack, she runs back to the camp screaming.

Back at camp, Johhny and Ami wake up to find some more lizards approaching. The two begin to fight them off, but they simply outnumber the two. A burlier lizard steps out of the shadows with a rapier and a shield and dives onto Amie on her horse knocking her off. The two roll and duel on the ground, but the lizard delivers the knockout blow.

Saelbella now has a storm of arrows flying past her. As she runs, she notices a lizard up ahead. She misses the initial attack, and takes a step back. The ring begins calling to her to assist her, but as she focuses, she feels a surge of power… and then blacks out.

The Dungeon

The group of four wakes up to find themselves shackled in a cell with another member, Devos Oak. Eiros reminds Saelbella of their training along the journey so far and tries to have her focus on her Mage Hand spell. Saelbella uses it to grab a finger bone off a nearby skeleton to lock-pick the shackles. The group sends Amie, Saelbella, and Devos down the hall to scout out the area. They find their equipment around the corner locked up in another room. Saelbella uses her Mage Hand again to identify the trapped door, disable the trap, and open it up so that the group can grab their equipment.

Heading up the nearby staircase, the group finds an unlocked door, and after opening it, casting a Minor Illusion , the group spies on the lizard they found in the room. Amie had explained earlier that these creatures are kobolds, who had once attacked her town along with a band of orcs. The group makes a plan that Saelbella will sneak in, Eiros will make the weaker kobolds fall asleep, and the group will charge in and attack the stronger kobold. The plan works, and after a heated battle, the group kills the leader (who had earlier been the one to capture Amie) and interrogate the two kobolds who fell asleep. Amie forces them to lead the group to the “sacrifices,” Amie’s animals.

The kobolds lead them through a series of hallways, and first into an emptier room with a door across the way. The kobolds say there is a pressure plate in the middle of the room that will spring open the locked door. Amie forces them to step on the plate, and when they do, a big block falls on them and kills them. The group investigates the room further and finds a treasure chest full of precious metals, gems, and a hat. They split the loot and proceed through the door. After some more hallways, the group finds themselves right outside a altar room, with several kobolds chanting and two mage kobolds about to sacrifice Amie’s dog (Uhh… can’t remember the name) and her hedgehog and cat locked up in the corner.

The group makes a plan to surprise the kobolds and then storm in. A fiery battle ensues, and partway through, the mages cast a fog spell which means everyone couldn’t see more than 5 ft. away from them. The group defeats all of the kobolds and finds the dog, bleeding profusely and all of his legs ritually broken. Devos stabilizes the dog, and Amie feeds it magical berries to help revive it. The session ends with the group resting in the foggy room, waiting for the fog to clear before heading out again to find an exit out of this maze….


this was one of the best episodes

Going to the Silver Dragon (Pt. 3)
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