Dragons of Genovia

Taking a Breather

What Goes On after Capturing a Temple

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[Insert a bunch of stuff about going to the swampy temple, defeating monsters, Saelbella almost dying, the group splitting up, almost getting killed by a dragon, dueling the “Snake in Chains” for possesion of the temple, and logistics of running and establishing a new temple for Bahamat.]

Anyway: Now that the group has a little bit of time while Dazen puts the temple in order, they each wander about the temple according to their own desires. When the temple was changed to Bahamat’s domain, a group of guardian elves who once guarded the temple for another deity materialized in the central chamber. These elves were put into a magical hiatus which suspended them until a deity worthy of their charism retook the temple. Saelbella begins this chapter in discussion with them.

Meanwhile, Dazen visits some prisoners whom the new elven guard found intruding the temple, as well as patrols some unchallenged levels of the temple where soldiers of the Snake in Chains still reside.

Eiros joins Dazen in the effort to “clean up” the temple, but once that is complete, Eiros begins to rifle through the library for texts on enchanting items as well as using gems to power magical items, a side craft he has been examining on his spare time in this adventure. [If any of the other characters come across him, he is arcanically tinkering with a silver necklace and some teal quartz]

Devos, Ami, and Nerevar all head into the library to learn more about their respective crafts: Devos searches for more potion recipes as well as where to find less expensive ingredients for his brews.

Ami looks through maps of their surrounding area, as well as texts that describe the local flora and fauna, and researched Knife throwing.

Nerevar asks the elven librarian about where the section of books on blood magic is. [I rolled a Charisma check for you and you got a five] Nerevar attempts to talk the librarian into letting him enter the restricted section that contains those texts, but the librarian promptly refuses.

Saelbella Joysword Saelbella goes into a gloomy room, with stained glass windows, where four or five elves are working on an unknown object / decoration. “Hello?” she whimpers in her Genovian accent. The elves with puzzled looks indicated toward an elf dressed in finer robes than the others. He approaches and asks:
“Who are you?”
“Hello, again, I’m Saelbella and I am here on a mission with a few of my friends.”
The elf responds and tells the other elves to get back to work. He indicates to have Saelbella followhim. The room he leads them two is fairly bare, containing a desk with some papers and knicknacks and a few chairs dot the room.
“What brings you into the Work Zone?”
“Oh, I was just wandering the halls and I noticed all of you in here…what are you working on?” “We are working on a …hey, I don’t need to tell you. It’s secret stuff. What do you want?”
Saelbella sighs realizing that she’ll have to work to get some answers, unlike at home.
“I was just curious to know about the magical hiatus and the idea behind retaking the temple by someone who is worthy?”
The gruff elf looks at her strangely.
“Ma’am, you’re in the wrong place. We are just working elves who do what we are told. Follow the hall down and to the right where the sign says ‘Arcane Dominae.’ That’s who you need to talk to.”
Saelbella thanks the elf as she heads down the hall to a faintly lit room. She finds the indicated room and knocks.
“Hello? Is the… Arcane Dominae here?”
“Hello, I’m Jeanau,” a voice replies from inside. “How may I help you?”
“I’m looking for the Magic Master?”
“I am not sure. I was sent by the working elves who told me he had information about the magical hiatus.”
“Oh, yes, that’s definitely Tohmas, he was one of the founding elves of our order. I will get him for you.”
Saelbella looks around the room. There are vibrantly colored flasks, some framed maps, and strange leaves on the wall.
“Tomas is ready for you, he’s in the Library Recherc√®.”
Saelbella heads to the library which is behind the receptionists desk.
“Oh, hello there” says a wrinkled , old elf with wiry glasses.
“Hi! I’m Saelbella…you are Tohmas?”
“Indeed I am. How can I help you today Miss?”
“My friends and I have come into the temple will remain here for quite some time. I am here to talk about the magical hiatus and retaking the temple by a worthy deity?”
“Oh yes, I was warned you might come down here to talk. Please, sit. Drink some hibice. As my secretary may have informed you, I am one of the first eight of our order, the Octave. I would like to say, it is nice being in the Material Plane again. Say, do you have something to do when you aren’t adventuring?”
Saelbella takes a sip of from the cup he offers her and is greeted with a pleasant taste of raspberries. She replies, “Yes, actually I do. My father is a king of a far away land”
“Please explain.”
“Genovia, King of Genovia. I am his daughter.”
“Ah, I am honored to make your acquaintance. Our order here, founded by the Octave, was a group created to protect this temple. Now, when our order was founded, there were certain deities we swore we would not serve, and due to the Arcane Service Act of Southern Vale, this meant we would be put in a pocket dimension, trapped in time, until some other deity we approved of retook the temple. When the Gale of Swamps happened (which Saelbella knows happened roughly 350 years ago), this temple was taken by the invaders, leading to the worship of the Snake in Chains . When… I, guess your friends? … took over the temple, whomever you worship is approved by our order, so we were restored back to our rightful positions on this plane.”


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