Dragons of Genovia

To the Silver Dragon (Part 5)

The Battle of Grandma's Cookies

Each person goes on their own adventure and they all meet up in the end to take on the Orcs at the battle of Grandma’s Cookies.

Dazen begins in the basement of Aquila Abbey with the head monk – Joelth. Joelth shows Dazen a huge secret section (filled with numerous dragon items, books, weapons, etc) to put the statue back in. Dazen nonchalantly asks Joelth if there is anything from the basment Joelth would mind giving him in return for putting the statue back. Joelth says the things in the basement are pretty secretive and special but there is a blacksmith upstairs in the abbey that can enchant and fix weapons and there is a library that Dazen can have access to with special books inside to help him on his journey. Dazen decides to go check out the blacksmith and see what things can be done to make his weapons better. The blacksmith, named is Atlock, gives Joelth a few different ideas that he can do to his sword, but Dazen needs to figure out how long the company is staying at the abbey before he decides what enchantments and modifications he wants to have.

Ami is still worried about her dog (Impa) who in the medical ward. Ami tells the story of what happened to the dog and the healer, Givalia, tells her there are a few options for the dog (splints etc) but it will at least take a month or two for Impa to heal correctly. Just like Dazen, before Ami commits to any procedures (etc) she needs to know how long the clan is staying at the abbey. Later in the day, Ami goes to Deeble and rents a magical Blankey of Comfort and learns Deeble had seen the horses with a roving band of orcs, several miles from the abbey.

No one knows that Saelbella is the princess of Genovia so she tries to concel her identity as she converses with people. Because she’s made mistakes before, Saelbella has to be careful what she says to people because she doesn’t want her friends to be put in a perilous situation. Since everyone is running their own errands, Saelbella decides to go outside for a walk where she meets Deeble – the very peppy, energetic, and enthusiastic merchant. At first she wants to stock up on medicine and clothing, but Deeble offers her magic items at a low cost and and the shiny magic catches her eye. Deeble (from Deeble and Brothers’ Magic Travelling Shoppe) offers her magic nail polish gloves and magic makeup and Saelbella gets offended (for being a woman) so she asks for dark magic items. Deeble (with some tough negotiation) sells her a magic coin (a lucky charm) for 20 GP, three shares of stock in company, which makes her a bronze member. Deeble claims these special members receive a 5% discount at any D&B store. Saelbella goes back into the castle content, and has a strange idea that she wants to become to be a fairy bounty hunter as she has a temporary mystical connection with the Feywild.

Devos (aka Groot) took a nap right when he returned to the abbey, but finally decided to get out of bed and walk around the abbey… and then he also sees the merchant and wants to buy a magic ring but he is too poor….Devos and Ami talk and they call a “meeting” with Dazen, Saelbella, and Eiros to come up with a plan to get the horses back so they can continue on their journey.

The fellowship decides to head out in the early afternoon towards the direction indicated by Deeble to recover the horses, with Ami leading the way with her natural connection and sensitivity in the mountain foothills. After two or three hours of travel, the group stumbles upon a campsite with burnt-out fires and left over food but they are not sure how recently people (orcs, kobolds etc) have been there. They decide to follow the tracks Ami found which leads them for a couple more hours to a ledge that over looks the beauties of the fields and mountains of the Wyare Mountain Range, but also the NEW riverside campsite of the band of orcs. The group spots about ten to fifteen in the band – but all spread out.

Because the group cherished their horses, especially Amie, the group waits and plans for the cover of night to stealthily sneak in and destroy the orcs and recover the horses. As a joke arisen during the travel to the fight, the group nicknames it – the “Battle of Grandma’s Cookies” Devos uses his monastic spellcasting to help Dazen sneak into the fight, and the two along with Saelbella kill the two guards. Amie, the hero of the battle, kills the Orc necromancer sleeping on Epona in one swift blow. After killing the conscious and/or powerful adversaries, the group silently kills all of the other orcs and then loots their corpses for gold and other valuables.

The session ends with everyone levels up and the group deciding what they plan on doing next, along with finishing looting the bodies (During this time, Sir Johhny was sleeping in the Abbey, so they should probably go back and get him.)


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