Dragons of Genovia

Messed Up

The session begins on Ami and Davos heading out into the forest, running away from the skeletons. They decide to go into a hut, that holds magical items. Davos performs the ritual, which involve s chanting and throwing a glass on the ground, like they’ve seen Nerevar and Eiros do before.

Dazen goes to Shadowfell and talks to the man in charge, who is skeptical of Bahamat. The man questions him about his loyalty to Bahamat – why is he still continuing to help Bahamat even after his debt is paid? This man, explains that there is another deity that needs his help – and she will repay him even better. This man explains that this other deity is taking over Genovia and Bahamat has almost no power left and Dazen wouldn’t have to worry about a thing (he would always have his powers). The man tries to convince him that Dazen would be more of a help to this deity (he could continue to be a paladin – in charge – except for a different deity). Dazen asks his interrogator to consult his friend on this decision. The interrogator lets Dazen see Nerevar and Eiros. They talk for a long time. The ground shakes and they do not know what is going on (spoiler alert, Sallabella was tricked into breaking the seal that was placed on “all” of the colored dragons. The dragons are making a crossing over to the material plain, and are trying to take over the world.) Dazen, Nerevar, and Eiros finish talking and go back to the head of the temple.

When the three see what happens, Eiros takes action while the other two are in shock. He proceeds to shout to what the other PC’s believe is arcanic jargon then suddenly the dragons reverse direction and head back towards the temple, which explodes into a ball of light caused by Eiros.

Ami and Devos are able to recreate the Shadowfell crossing spell and travel to the dark lands, only to be greeted by the sight of the dragon horde ascending into the purple shadowy portal. The two see the castle fall, and rush towards it, believing their friends to be inside. The two find Saelbella, who tells them how she was tricked, and with the help of her animals, finds Eiros, who quickly states that rules have been broken that he must go fix as he promptly fades away. Underneath him, buried in rubble are Dazen and Nerevar. Saelbella believes she can find Sir Johhny here too, one of her interrogators. She manages to find him and a few Medicine checks later, the knight is revived. He is clearly no longer under the control of the shadowy order, and proceeds to help the group understand that the lives they left are now under siege.

After a bit of debate, the group decides the best course of action is to head to the Southern Dragon Isle, a land that seems to be lost to time. Their hope is to convince the fabled dragonborn population to convert to Bahamaut and his ways. Dazen goes to Bahamaut to have Argus come and pick the group up back in the village. Soon, the group rides on the wings of the Silver Dragon, ending the session with an amazing sight: the largest hurricane the group has ever seen.


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