Dragons of Genovia

Purple Dragon

Ami, Saelbella, Dazen, and Eiros wake up in a chrome encrusted building with a small purple dragon staring straight at them. While they are adjusting their eyes, the purple dragon asks them if they want something to eat – provides them with oatmeal and pizza (with a vegetable we are not sure of). The castle is no where near the burnt down town. The purple dragon brings them to the wizard and the king and they are told that “this is where the God’s live.” The wizard and Bahamat talk about the terms in order to discuss magic. King discusses how people have been attacking his kingdom and how he can help bc it’s probably the same person who destroyed his kingdom. King wants to be of assistance to the town. Ami summarizes their journey. Dragon King’s sister is a 5 headed dragon who is the evil force behind the destruction of the city etc… her people were trying to make a portal (the town) for her to come through. Anyways, since Dazen is dragon blood, he wants to join the force w/ King. King offers to turn Dazen into an entirely chrome dragon…King would entrust all his powers into Dazen. Dazen takes this deal – he is a now a shiny silvery dragon. He is going to negotiate between Draconic and mortals, protect the weak, etc.


Saelbella speaks up that she has money and can provide the financial aspect to their journey. They have to visit 2 temples in order to restore Montooth to his powers. 2 temples: Elven Temple and Southern Dragon Temple (we’ll need a ship for that one).

They are on the first journey to the Elven Temple to find Paladin (dragon born, bishops of short mat) which will increase the belief rate in Bahamat to his powers can increase. His belief rate went down because more people are believing in evil.

They go to the town hall to talk to the people. The people are curious to know (the town is all put back together now). Ami and Nerevar embellish the truth, but tell the townspeople what happened.

Eiros and Devos are guiding the townspeople build the temple to worship Bahamut.

Now they all went into the forest (Eiros has the map)

Eiros and Dazen use their magicks and breath respectively to make an ice raft- an idea that Saelbella thinks will fail drastically, but actually succeeds quite well.

They use Nirva as to help paddle. They row across the river and there are all these little fish following the raft, but in shallow waters they disappear. They have sharp teeth and gnaw at the raft.

Everyone makes it over safely and they head back into the woods to find the temple. Soon, chameleons in the trees change colors drop to the ground and point bow and arrows at them. They trade a dragon’s claw for passage and safety.

As they walk through, Groot explains that we need to turn and attack them (because the mice told him to _) so the 3 attack! The group ends up taking out all of the chameleaan escorts and the session ends by seeing the mousen allies emerge from the shrubbery…


Eiros_T Eiros_T

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